Do you have a chest tattoo you are eager to be rid of? Contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa today to inquire about our chest tattoo removal in Kansas City!

Tattoo Removal on VimeoWe’ve all been there. We’ve all made mistakes that seem to be everlasting. Thankfully, you do not have to be reminded on a daily basis of a tattoo mistake you made on your chest. AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers chest tattoo removal in Kansas City to assist those who are looking for a change. With AesthetiCare’s tattoo removal services, you are one step closer to having your natural looking skin back regardless of the size and color of your chest tattoo.

Is tattoo removal painful?

Short answer: it depends. Everyone’s pain tolerance varies, as well as the size and color of each tattoo. Some common side effects of tattoo removal include redness, minor blistering, swelling, and general tenderness after the treatment. Luckily these side effects usually only last for a few moments following the procedure.

Our goal is to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible with the procedure. If you are concerned about the progression of your tattoo removal or have additional questions, feel free to contact the AesthetiCare team. We will be elated to ease your mind.

How long will it take to be fully removed?

Tattoo removal is not a fast solution. While the treatment sessions themselves are generally quick at 2 to 15 minutes, it is dependent on your tattoo design on the duration of time it takes for the tattoo to be fully removed. Usually we recommend that each treatment be scheduled 4 to 8 weeks a part to give the previous treatment time to work. The total number of treatments can last anywhere between 5 to 12 treatments.

Stop being uncomfortable with your skin. Contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa to set up your tattoo removal process.

*Results may vary