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Love for Survivors

Cancer can take a toll on every aspect of life.  For survivors that have undergone chemotherapy or drugs powerful enough to kill rapidly growing cancer cells, these treatments often harm healthy cells as well. This can cause a number of side effects including the loss of hair including in the eyebrows and eyelashes.  Such a life altering change in your feminine health can take a drastic tole on a woman’s self confidence and we want to help restore that.

If you are a cancer survivor or know of someone in the Kansas City area you would like to nominate to our Breast Cancer Awareness Give Back Contest – we want to hear from you! We’re always looking for new ways to give back to our community and help empower women. If you would let us know a little bit more about you/your nominee, you’ll automatically be entered. Submit your information below to start the conversation.

  • Please tell us (in under 500 words) your Cancer Survivor Story and how getting this treatment would help to improve your feminine vitality.

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