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AesthetiCare's 21st Annual End of Summer Party

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Buy an online gift card during our End of Summer Party week long savings and save 20%!  GROOVY!

All medical grade products are 20% off this week. Select products are in store only. (Latisse, Upneeq, SkinBetter Science)

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Joining our in person End of Summer Party Disco Event? 👇

The AesthetiCare End of Summer Party has been one of our favorite traditions for over 20 years! Help us celebrating DISCO style with week long savings and a party under the big tent at both of our locations! Details below.
Each day of the week tune in for your chance to win big prizes on Instagram, see local vendors, watch real client treatment demos and up to 20% off EVERYTHING!

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Peace, Love and DISCOunts!

$25,000 in Giveaways

We're pulling out all the stops with WEEK long savings, daily social giveaways, + pick from HUGE treatment giveaways at our in person events

up to 20% off Everything

Our biggest savings event of the year - offering a week long opportunity to put money on your account. Plus, your credit never expires!

Live Demos

Enjoy virtual demos at your fingertips (scroll down) or LIVE demos at the party including - CoolSculpting, Botox, Dysport, Dermal Filler, BBL, Halo Laser, Moxi Laser and introducing AgeJet. Plus, experience Emsculpt treatments for yourself live at our disco events!

The Party Lowdown

Shop groovy local vendors, disco inspired photo backdrops, food trucks, bartenders, live music and so much more! This event will be out of sight!

Chances to WIN amazing prizes all week

Join us daily on Instagram for your chance to win epic prize packages as we team up with our amazing party vendors!

Local Vendors

The Liberty in-person End of Summer party will have the following vendors:

Local Vendors

At the Leawood in-person End of Summer party, look for the following vendors:


Collect tickets at our in-person DISCO event and choose the prize(s) YOU want to drop your name into! More tickets = more ways to WIN:
  1. Attending our in person event
    (Joining our Disco either in Leawood or Liberty)
  2. Watching a LIVE demo
    (available from 4-7)
  3. Experiencing a LIVE demo
    (Available for 4-7)
  4. Donating to our local charity
    (Rose Brooks in Leawood & Community LINC in Liberty)
  5. Putting money down on your AC account
    (Snag our 20% savings and score an extra ticket)
  6. TAG US on social media AT OUR PHOTOBOOTH
    (Use our photobooth at either event, post and tag @aestheticarekc on any social media platform & score an extra ticket)

CoolSculpting Elite + Zwave

Coolsculpting is simply the most effective non-surgical treatment for permanently eliminating unwanted fat. It is FDA cleared and there have been over 8 million treatments performed and over 100 clinic studies! With Coolsculpting, we can treat virtually any area of fat including abs, love handles, inner and outer thighs, double chins, arms, and much more. If you can squeeze it — we can freeze it!

Watch a Coolsculpting Treatment Demo
coolsculpting in kansas city


Intracel is a treatment that utilizes microneedling combined with radio frequency energy. An intracell treatment is an advanced and more effective advancement to traditional microneedling. It can be used on all skin types and virtually anywhere on the body. Effective for wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars, redness, stretch marks, lax skin, and more.

Watch an INTRAcel Treatment Demo
INTRAcel in Kansas City

Indiba Skin Tightening

Indiba is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that uses radio frequency to deliver deep thermal heat into the skin. Indiba is scientifically proven and clinically tested to remodel and tighten skin to improve wrinkles and provide effective body contouring.

learn more about indiba
skin tightening treatments


FFYBBL is simply the most effective no-downtime procedure ever developed in aesthetics.
FYBBL utilizes pulsed light technology of specific wavelengths to target sun-damage, rosacea, active acne, and more.
FYBBL has been proven in a Stanford Study to actually cause a reversal of visible aging.
It is one of our most popular treatments here at AesthetiCare.

benefits of forever young bbl

Halo Laser

The Halo laser uses a combination of wavelengths to repair the visible signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration, enlarged pores, poor texture and uneven skin tone – including Melasma.

Watch a Halo Treatment Demo
Halo Laser in Kansas City

Hydrafacial + Dermaplane

Dermaplaning is a very gentle skin resurfacing treatment utilizing a sharp, surgical-grade blade to manually remove the outermost layer of dead skin and the fine vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) from the face. That vellus hair often causes a buildup of dirt and oils in the follicles, so removing the hair gives you healthier looking skin. Plus the hair will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment and pairs GREAT with facials!

Hydrafacial has become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the US and certainly here at AesthetiCare. It’s a 5-step process which includes deep cleansing, a light chemical peel, pore extractions, infusion of dermal building ingredients and more that can be customized to your needs. Immediately after a Hydrafacial treatment, your skin is glowing! It is wonderful to do right before a big event, as well as on a regular basis to keep your skin plump and luminescent.

Watch a hydrafacial + dermaplane Treatment Demo
HydraFacial™ in Kansas City

Neurotoxins – Botox / Dysport

Botox and Dysport are the two most effecive brands of neuro-modulators used in aesthetics and have been used safely in medicine for over 50 years. Neuro-modulators simply block the signal from nerves to muscles, relaxing wrinkles caused by muscle movement.  The most common areas treated are the forehead, crows feet, and in between the eyes.

At AesthetiCare, we believe the best injectable is the least detectable, always striving for a natural look.

Watch a neurotoxins Treatment Demo
BOTOX® / Dysport® in Kansas City


Emsculpt is the first technology in the aesthetic industry to focus on strengthening and defining muscle and we were the first in Kansas City to get this device. It utilizes MRI-like technology to create contractions in the muscles.  In 30 minutes, it is the equivalent of doing 20,000 situps or 20,000 lunges. 

Watch an EMSCULPT Treatment Demo
Emsculpt in Kansas City


Emsella is the only FDA cleared treatment for incontinence. It provides sexual health benefits of better muscle strength and control in women, and longer more powerful orgasms in men. Each 30-min painless treatment  is done with clothes on!

Recommended series of 6 treatments, 2 per week if possible. Maintenance is one treatment every 2-3 months, but can be done as frequently as someone would like.

Watch an EMSella Treatment Demo