kansas city tattoo removalIf you are looking to get rid of your tattoos for personal reasons, AesthetiCare offers laser tattoo removal in Kansas City!

At AesthetiCare Medical Spa, we want our clients to always be confident in their appearance. if you are having difficulty concealing a tattoo with clothes and coverup, it may be time to consider your removal options. AesthetiCare is proud to offer clients laser tattoo removal in Kansas City for those who wish to be rid of their tattoos. With the emergence of quality and reliable laser tattoo removal treatments from AesthetiCare, tattoos no longer considered to be absolutely permanent.

How does laser tattoo removal in Kansas City work?

AesthetiCare utilizes the Astanza Trinity Lazer, which is used to eliminate your tattoos without the concern of major scarring. The Astanza Trinity Lazer gives results via three wavelengths that are designed to hit a wide range of ink colors providing each client with a more natural looking skin. This ensures that no matter how intricate your tattoo is, AesthetiCare has you covered!

What should I expect after the tattoo removal treatments?

AesthetiCare’s laser tattoo removal in Kansas city is completely safe and effective. However, like with any treatment and procedure, there are mild side effects. Some patients experience redness, minor blistering, and tenderness. These side effects, if experienced, will generally fade not too long after the treatment.

Get rid of those unwanted tattoos! Schedule an appointment with AesthetiCare today for laser tattoo removal in Kansas City!

AesthetiCare’s team of professionals will sit down with you to discuss all of your options, questions, and concerns. To learn more about laser tattoo removal in Kansas City, follow this link. If you are interested in setting up an appointment with AesthetiCare, you can contact a member of the team by clicking here now.

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