tattoo removal in kansas cityFade your unwanted back tattoo. AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers effective lower back tattoo removal in Kansas City!

Are you tired of purchasing expensive tattoo cover ups and wearing long shirts to disguise the tattoo on your lower back? If you find yourself hating your ink and wishing there was a better solution, AesthetiCare Medical Spa can help. AesthetiCare offers lower back tattoo removal in Kansas City that will give your skin a more natural appearance!

How does lower back tattoo removal in Kansas City work?

At AesthetiCare Medical Spa, we utilize the Astanza Trinity Laser. The Astanza Trinity Laser uses three different wavelengths to target a range of tattoo ink colors in approximately 5 to 12 total treatments, depending on the size, color, location, tattoo type, and client’s health. AesthetiCare always recommends that each tattoo removal client waits at least 4 to 8 weeks before scheduling additional treatments to allow the Astanza Trinity Laser to work its magic.

Our clients are eager to throw out their expensive tattoo cover up and put away their long clothing because they know that AesthetiCare Medical Spa has their needs covered. AesthetiCare Medical Spa’s Lower back tattoo removal will leave you in awe of your new, natural looking skin!

What side effects can I expect from the Astanza Trinity Laser?

AesthetiCare’s laser tattoo removal can have minor, temporary side effects. These side effects can include redness, soreness, tenderness, and mild blistering. If following your laser tattoo removal appointment you are concerned about the progression of your fading ink, please feel free to contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa during our hours of operation, which you can view by clicking here.

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Say goodbye to your ink with lower back tattoo removal in Kansas City! Schedule an appointment with AesthetiCare Medical Spa today.

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