Permanent Eyeliner in Kansas City

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Permanent Makeup Options

Microblading / Eyebrow Treatments 😧

Imagine waking up to perfect eyebrows every day without having to worry about filling, smudging, smearing, or even your brows disappearing. Christina offers a variety of techniques - microblading, ombre and hybrid brows to find the most realistic and perfect look for you!

Permanent Lip Treatments 👄

Enhance the appearance of your lips, correct asymmetry, and define them permanently. Our permanent lipstick specialist, Christina, has a variety of colors to choose from to fit anyone’s skin tone and personal style. From very natural lip colors to the boldest and brightest.

Permanent Eyeliner Treatments 👀

This is the perfect smudge-free option to make your eyes look bolder and brighter. Our permanent eyeliner specialist, Christina, is extremely passionate about creating realistic permanent cosmetics that enhance your natural beauty.

Consultation Request for Permanent Makeup

Virtual consultations are the quickest and easiest and are preferred by most clients.  Get started today!

consultations are required prior to booking your permanent makeup appointment. this helps our clients to fully-understand their options and answer all questions regarding: Microblading, Eyebrow, Lip and Eyeliner treatments in a friendly no pressure environment. Consultations last about 15-20 min whether in person or virtually!

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Prefer In-person consultations? Please call our Leawood office at (913) 320-0878 to book. people who may benefit from in-person consultations are clients who have previously received permanent makeup work, have existing health conditions like diabetes, Autoimmune diseases, cancer, chronic inflammation, are on blood thinners or have certain skin conditions, or simply prefer meeting face to face.

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Prefer in person?

Prefer In-person consultations? Please call our office at (913) 320-0878.