Do you have a leg tattoo you wish you could remove? Consider leg tattoo removal in Kansas City!

tattoo removalThe blazing summer heat is approaching the further we get into the season. It is officially time to put away your heavy jeans, jackets, and other warm gear and swap them out for shorts, tank tops, and sandals. If you find yourself hesitant to wear shorts out in public because of an embarrassing leg tattoo, it is time to learn about your options. AesthetiCare Medical Spa is a premier provider of laser tattoo removal. Leg tattoo removal in Kansas City has never been so easy and effective!

How does leg tattoo removal in Kansas City work?

At AesthetiCare Medical Spa, we understand that it is important to know every aspect of a procedure when it comes to your health. Our team of experts utilize innovative technology, this includes the Astanza Trinity Lazer for tattoo removal. The Astanza Trinity Lazer contains three different wavelengths that are designed to target a variety of ink colors, such as the standard black and white tattoo, as well as other vibrant colors.

In addition, the Astanza Trinity Laser is a leading laser in the industry for decreasing the overall number of treatments. This encourages your skin to achieve more thorough and fast results. Typically, the appointment duration for tattoo removal range from 2 to 15 minutes with a total of 5 to 12 treatments. We highly recommend that every client wait 4 to 8 weeks in between each appointment to allow the Astanza Trinity Laser to work at its best.

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Don’t be afraid to wear shorts this summer. Schedule your appointment for leg tattoo removal in Kansas City by contacting AesthetiCare Medical Spa today!

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