Do you have an embarrassing tattoo that you can’t seem to hide well enough? AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers successful laser tattoo removal in Kansas City for those in need of a change.

tattoo removalTattoos are known for being a great way to express yourself through art. Tattoos used to be considered entirely permanent, which increased the satisfaction of the chosen tattoo: It would be a part of you forever. With the development of the Astanza Trinity Laser, this thinking is in the past. Sometimes we regret our tattoo choice or the area it is placed in, have little desire to touch up the work, or the tattoo was not designed with the quality you had hoped for. If any of this sounds like you, contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa for successful laser tattoo removal in Kansas City today.

What is the Astanza Trinity Laser?

The Astanza Trinity Laser is innovative laser tattoo removal technology that utilizes three different wavelengths that are designed to target the wide range of ink colors in a variety of tattoos. The Astanza Trinity Laser is known for reducing scarring and increases satisfaction by allowing minimum number of treatments. The Astanza Trinity Laser means you get more accurate results, much faster than with any other type of lasers.

What side effects should I expect?

While the Astanza Trinity Laser is reliable, there are some minor side effects associated with this type of procedure. Every side effect is considered mild and temporary. The side effects include redness, minor blistering, swelling, and tenderness in the area treated. If you are ever concerned about how your procedure is healing, contact the AesthetiCare professional team immediately. The team will gladly calm your nerves and advise you on the next appropriate steps to recovery.

Get rid of your ink. Contact AesthetiCare to schedule your appointment for successful laser tattoo removal in Kansas City today!