If you are thinking about tattoo coverups in Kansas City, consider tattoo removal instead! Give Aestheticare a call today to see how you can finally get that ugly tattoo removed.

Tatoos have significant meaning to those who get them. Overtime, that memory may fade or become a bitter recollection. If you have a tattoo that you do not like anymore or you have found it a bitter memory, you should not have to deal with it on your skin anymore! While many people turn to tattoo coverups in Kansas City, more people turn to tattoo removal as an option. In comparison to tattoo coverups, many believe that tattoo removal is better for your skin. Aesthieticare offers tattoo removal for those who are wanting to remove a once permanent memory.

Tattoo Coverups in Kansas CityTattoo coverups in Kansas City are not for everyone. Stop into Aestheticare today to discover other options!

Tattoo removal is a longer process than tattoo coverups in Kansas City. Although tattoo removal does not happen instantly, Aestheticare makes efforts to make the process as painless as possible. A series of short laser procedures will work to shatter the ink in your skin. The ink is shattered with Astanza laser technology. In addition to limiting the number of visits needs, this unique technology allows for the removal of almost all tattoo ink colors with a minimum number of treatments.

Tattoo removal treatments can last up to 15 minutes per session. The length of your session will depend on the size and color of the unwanted tattoo. Different colors respond differently to the Astanza laser technology. The advanced technology used by Aestheticare is fast, safe and features three wavelengths. Most of our patients wait about four to eight weeks between sessions. After each treatment, you will notice a lightening of your tattoo. If you hate your tattoo, it is time to do something about it. Talk to an Aestheticare team member today! *Results may vary.