Are you having difficulty hiding your unwanted tattoos with expensive cover up and carefully placed clothing? It may be time to consider effective tattoo removal from AesthetiCare.

tattoo removalAesthetiCare believes that every single client should love their skin. Sometimes as we grow older, it is common for us to have regrets about our previous actions such as getting a tattoo you probably wish you didn’t have. Due to the emergence of tattoo removal procedures, you no longer have to keep a tattoo that does not expresses yourself the way it used to. If you are tired of purchasing expensive cover up and never being able to wear certain articles of clothing, schedule an appointment for effective tattoo removal from AesthetiCare Medical Spa.

How does effective tattoo removal from AesthetiCare work?

AesthetiCare utilizes the Astanza Trinity Laser to reduce the chances of scarring and brings you one step closer to more natural looking skin. By integrating three different wavelengths to better target a wide range of ink colors, the Astanza Trinity Laser is one of the most reliable tattoo removal methods in the industry.

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What are the side effects of laser tattoo removal?

Common side effects from laser tattoo removal can include mild redness, minor blistering, swelling, and tenderness surrounding the treated area. In general, these side effects are minimal and only last a few moments following the procedure. If at any point you are concerned about your side effects, feel free to contact AesthetiCare.

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