Liz Lee

Front Desk

Fun Fact

Liz is a crazy animal lover. When she spend time in South Africa in 2002, she went scuba diving with Ragged Tooth and Zambezi sharks, rode an ostrich in a race, and hung out with cheetahs. During her time living in Colorado, she was a regular at a wolf rescue in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs where wolf meet-and-greets were her favorite activity.


Liz was raised in a military family, the daughter of a Naval officer. She went to 10 different schools between kindergarten and high school graduation, but spent every summer of her life in Piper, KS at her grandmother’s house. After graduating high school in Colorado Springs she attended UMKC, and then enrolled in cosmetology school thinking hair was her passion (spoiler alert: it wasn’t!). While working as a stylist and make-up artist on a photoshoot, she met Jessica Tapusoa. Jessica’s passion for aesthetics was contagious and Liz developed a deep fascination for all things skincare and body treatment related.  She actually worked at AesthetiCare waaaaaay back in 2011-2012 before moving back to Colorado where she worked in primary care medicine, but she never lost her passion for aesthetics. When life brought her back to KC, there was nowhere she would rather be than working with her AesthetiCare family!


Liz is a certified SCUBA diver and loves to travel. She is always up to explore somewhere new whether it’s a foreign country or a new neighborhood. She loves live theater (especially musical theater), and enjoying live music and good food with her boyfriend Jeff. She will eagerly bore you with photos and stories about both her brilliant German Shepherd, Emma, and her equally brilliant and adorable nieces. She is solar-powered so you can usually find her outside soaking up sunshine (with good SPPF on, always!) or working out at the Pilates studio.