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kansas city tattoo removalWe have all been caught looking into the mirror at our tattoo. You may be looking to admire it after all these years, or you are looking at it in vain. Maybe your tattoo is a reminder of a relationship that has passed, or the location of your tattoo is no longer desirable. Regardless of how old your tattoo is, Kansas City tattoo removal is ideal for unwanted tattoos, for whatever reason. The professionals at AesthetiCare Medspa are experienced in removing tattoos of all shapes and sizes.

Tattoo removal is a multi-step process. Removing a tattoo in one session is not recommended and would be highly painful. AesthetiCare takes the steps necessary to make your visits as comfortable as possible. AesthetiCare’s trained staff is passionate about making your experience as comfortable as possible, and about using the most advanced technology. Astanza technology allows for the removal of almost all tattoo ink colors with a minimum number of treatments. By removing the ink in your tattoo and minimizing the impact on your skin, laser tattoo removal with an Astanza laser can safely return your skin to its natural look.  Aestheticare is proud to offer Astanza tattoo removal treatments in Kansas City.

There are many other factors that play into how quickly your tattoo can be removed. The size, area, and color determine how long it will take to remove. The easiest colors to remove are black, navy blue, and red. Although removing color can take longer, the ink needs to “shatter” before being removed. Shattering the ink means that the ink needs to be broken up in your skin. The smaller the ink breaks up, the faster the ink can be removed. Remember how much your tattoo hurt the first time? We regret to inform you that ink removal hurts just as much. To help ease the pain, you may want to consider taking an Advil before your appointment for Kansas City tattoo removal.  *Results may vary.

Kansas City tattoo removal can be easy! Make an appointment, or follow this link to introduce yourself.