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What is microblading?
Who can get microblading?
How does microblading work?
Do I need to shave, color or tweeze my eyebrows before microblading?
Is microblading permanent?
How long does it take for microblading to heal?
Can I wash my eyebrows while they heal?
What are ombre/hybrid brows?
How do I decide what type of eyebrow service I need?
Microblading Before & After
Microblading Specials in Kansas City

What is microblading?


Microblading is a popular treatment here at Aestheticare in Kansas City. And we love the results!

But what is microblading, and is it a treatment for you?

We’ve got all the details you need to know to make the right decision for your overall aesthetic goals and lifestyle.

What is microblading?

Simply put, microblading is a form of permanent makeup that creates natural hair strokes among already existing, or even non-existent eyebrow hair. This helps many of our clients fill in gaps or provide a fuller, more polished brow design.

Many people don’t realize that microblading is an advanced technique and should be done by someone who is licensed in permanent makeup to ensure best results.

Microblading helps frame the face and gives you a more uplifted, youthful appearance. Most clients tell us that they are so happy with the final results they wish they would have had the service done much earlier.

One of the best benefits of microblading is that, once healed, your new eyebrow look is natural and very low maintenance.

No more smudging, no more asymmetry, no more time spent in the bathroom carefully drawing every last detail in the morning… Sounds perfect, right?

Read on to learn more about microblading at AesthetiCare Kansas City and see if this technique may work for you!


How does microblading work?

Microblading is a specific micro-pigmentation technique that uses a very fine hand tool to implant color into the skin, creating long-lasting, permanent hair strokes that give the illusion of natural, groomed eyebrows.

Your initial treatment will take about 2 hours.

First, our Licensed Permanent Makeup professional will create the perfect shape for your brows using a very detailed brow mapping process that utilizes the natural bone structure of the face to create the perfect shape customized to you.

Once you decide you’re happy with your new brow design, our licensed professional will choose the proper color to suit you based on the undertones of your skin.

Next, we apply a medical-grade topical anesthetic cream to alleviate any discomfort. (We should note that the majority of our clients report little to no discomfort during the procedure!)

Your licensed professional will create crisp, fine hair strokes to fill in your brows as discussed and drawn before the procedure.  If needed, color can be added as a wash to create depth and dimension in especially sparse areas.

Who can get microblading?

Most people are candidates for microblading in Kansas City at AesthetiCare.

If you are experiencing any of the following, microblading may be the right fit for you—

  • Thin brows
  • Sparse brows
  • Over-plucked brows
  • Shaved brows
  • Bald spots
  • Alopecia
  • Asymmetry
  • Difficulty applying makeup
  • Very light blonde or white brows

All of these conditions, or a combination of them, are very common. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them!

Microblading isn’t just for women.

Having thin brows or bald spots can affect your self-confidence and even how people perceive your personality and facial expressions.

Men are not immune!

Many clients, men and women, underestimate how different they will look and feel after receiving microblading in Kansas City, but are pleasantly surprised with the results.

How long does it take for microblading to heal?

Eyebrows may appear darker and bolder at first because the ink has only penetrated the top of the skin. After 5-10 days of healing, the color softens and becomes more matte—and therefore giving a very natural final result.

Brows are fully healed by day 5!

The good news is that there is minimal downtime! Some people may experience a little redness or swelling for a few hours after the procedure; many don’t.

AesthetiCare includes, at no charge, a Perfection Session 4-6 weeks after your initial service. This service is required because it locks in the color, allowing it to last longer. At this time, you and your brow artist can decide if any final details are needed and fill in any spots that have healed lighter than other areas.

Do I need to shave my eyebrows before microblading?

Many people believe that existing eyebrow hair can somehow interfere with the procedure, or that they need to tweeze or dye their brows before their service.

Great news! There’s no need to shave your natural eyebrows before microblading. Microblading can work in conjunction with any existing eyebrow hair to create a soft, natural look.

That said, women who have shaved their eyebrows in the past may find that their natural hair growth was interrupted by their hair removal routine over time.

If somebody told you that shaving your eyebrows before microblading was necessary, send them this article to spread the word! #MythBusted



Can I wash my eyebrows as they heal?

Yes! After getting microblading in Kansas City, you will wash your eyebrows gently with the special gentle cleanser we provide and apply a thin coat of a healing cream twice daily for five days. Dry healing is not recommended.

Is microblading permanent?

Microblading is permanent solution to sparse or thinning brows! While the color is designed to fade about 10% annually, it will never completely fade away.

Modern permanent makeup (done correctly, using the proper inks and technique) is designed to fade so it can be subtly tweaked over the years. Color implantation is kept on the upper levels of the skin to avoid scarring and color changing.

The result? Beautiful brows that last a long time.

If you tend to have oily skin, your next touch-up may be recommended after 10-12 months. For normal to dry skin, 12-18 months is recommended.

Even better, Color Refresh services are priced at approximately ¼ of the initial service cost when touch ups are done within the recommended time frame!

What are ombre brows? Is that the same as hybrid brows?

Ombre brows, or powder brows, are a specific technique of color implantation that creates a more solid, filled-in brow design. It provides a fuller look for your brows and can create a very natural look or a very stylized and glamourous designed look.

Hybrid brows are a combination of Microbladed hair strokes with color wash or solid color tapped into the brow design.

Soft powder ombre is an ideal procedure for those who have oily skin, those who cannot get hair strokes, or for people who like a more filled-in style for their eyebrows.

This technique is achieved using either a hand tool or a specialized pen-like machine. It follows a similar procedure to traditional microblading, including recommended touch-ups.

Steps to take before a microblading procedure in Kansas City


Within a month before your procedure

→ Do not tint your eyebrows

→ Discontinue using Latisse or any other brow booster

Within 5 days before your procedure

→ Do not use electrolysis

→ Do not tweeze or wax your brows

→ You can not be on an antibiotic or have an active infection

Within 2 days before your procedure

→ Do not consume excessive alcohol or caffeine

→ Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, or Ibuprofen

Within 24 hours before your procedure

→ Do not tan

→ Avoid the sun (we cannot perform microblading over a sunburn!)

2 weeks after your procedure

→ You may resume any method of hair removal desired

Microblading Aftercare

Our most helpful tips include:

  • Do not wear makeup for 3 days
  • Don’t scratch or touch the area except to apply cream or clean the area
  • Avoid swimming or excessive sweating during workouts or other activities for 5 days afterwards
  • If you feel itchy, you can apply cream with a clean finger or q-tip

We will go over all of this and more during your initial consultation and answer any other questions you have to ensure you know how to properly care for your new brows!

How do I decide what type of eyebrow service I need?

In general, microblading works best on people with some natural eyebrow hair.

If you have very little hair or patchy areas with no hair, you may need to have some additional color added to these areas to simulate natural hair density.

If you always fill in your eyebrows with powder or brow pomade, you might elect for the ombre or powder brow. At your service, your brow professional can help you choose what is best for you.

See if you are a candidate for microblading by using our online Virtual Consultation tool.

Microblading Before & After

Microblading is one of our favorite procedures to document for our clients. The results can certainly be dramatic!

View microblading before and after pictures right here –>

Excited yet? Microblading can brighten your expression and open your eyes, making you appear more youthful and awake almost instantly.

Best of all, you can have perfect brows all day every day without fear of sweating, melting or wiping them away as you go from work to your workout to dinner.

Microblading Specials

If hearing the details about microblading wasn’t convincing enough, AesthetiCare in Kansas City is offering microblading specials for the month of May 2019!

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to bring your mom or daughter to AesthetiCare for a day of relaxation and pampering. Treating yourself to new brows could just be the beginning!

View our specials and give us a call if you have any questions or would like additional information on microblading.

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Our aestheticians treat every client like a friend, because they are! We strive to form lasting relationships with our clients and we love to hear about their family, friends, kids, and upcoming special events to help them look and feel their best every day.

When you think about it, microblading really is a no-brainer. Wake up refreshed, trim down your morning routine, and feel confident with your new look when you get microblading!

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