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Are you struggling with hair loss and looking for a solution that gets real results? The Revive and Thrive – Hair Restoration Program at AesthetiCare Medspa offers a full year of treatments, combining in-office and at-home therapies to target the root causes of hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Our revolutionary program targets the root causes of hair loss from every angle.

Say goodbye to the frustration and embarrassment of thinning hair and hello to a new era of confidence and beauty!

Targeting the Root Causes of Hair Loss

At AesthetiCare, we understand that hair loss is not just a cosmetic concern – it’s a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted approach. Our Revive and Thrive – Hair Restoration Program program focuses on countering the two main mechanisms that perpetuate hair loss:


By preventing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from impacting the cell nucleus in the follicle bed, we stop the hair cycle from being interrupted, allowing your hair to grow unhindered.


Encouraging normal regulation of inflammation helps cells express typical signals that aid in standard hair cycles, improving blood flow and oxygenation uptake—the key to healthy, thriving hair.

Our TrichoCyte®home therapies use phytochemicals (plant-derived chemicals) that have been extensively researched for over three decades. These potent compounds have demonstrated their effectiveness in combating Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women.

In-Office Treatments

The key to successful hair restoration lies in a personalized approach. Our in-office treatments are designed to kickstart your journey to fuller, healthier hair:

12 TrichoCyte-boosting Carboxytherapy treatments: Harness the power of Carboxytherapy to supercharge your hair follicles and create the optimal environment for hair growth.

Optional boosting with exosomes/growth factors or TrichoCyte for stubborn areas or expedited results: For those stubborn areas that need an extra push, we offer additional boosting treatments to accelerate your progress.

Take Home Therapies

While our in-office treatments lay the groundwork for Revive and Thrive – Hair Restoration Program, it’s the daily commitment to at-home therapies that transforms your hair:

Daily topical TrichoCyte serum: Nourish your scalp and hair follicles with our potent Trichocyte serum, specially formulated to promote healthy hair growth.

Daily oral TrichoCyte supplement: Feed your hair from the inside out with our innovative Trichocyte supplement, packed with essential nutrients for luscious locks.

Capillus® cap: LLLT (low-level laser therapy) improves cell turnover and calms inflammation through easy and gentle daily treatments at home. Harness the power of low-level laser therapy with our state-of-the-art Capillus Cap, designed to stimulate hair growth and reduce inflammation in the comfort of your own home.

Price Packaging

*price subject to change


Duration: 6 months

Receive: Capillus Cap, 12 boosting treatments, 6 months supply of home serum and supplementation



Duration: 6 months

Receive: 6 months supply of home serum and supplementation



Duration: As needed, or directed by provider Carboxytherapy – 6 treatments ($599)
Exosomes/Growth Factors – delivery via Carboxytherapy (quoted upon consultation)

Best Practices for Maintaining Healthy Hair

  • Use TrichoCyte hair serum all over the scalp and let it stay on for at least 30 minutes.
  • Maintain good nutrition and physical activity and reduce stress.
  • Massage or gently stimulate scalp skin/follicles to promote good vascular and follicle health.
  • Shampoo as needed when build-up or excessive oil is present; 2-4 times a week is average.
  • Avoid tea tree, invigorating or clarifying shampoos, and rotate between 2-3 shampoos regularly.
  • Use conditioner as often as you want, but not right before applying serum.
  • Minimize heat styling and traction to prevent premature shedding and breakage.

What to Expect

When you embark on your Revive and Thrive journey with AesthetiCare, you can expect a personalized, comprehensive approach that addresses your unique needs and concerns.

Hair growth rates vary, but scalp follicles typically grow about an inch in two months, with some follicles taking up to 5 years to complete a full growth cycle. You can expect changes at different stages of your treatment plan, with significant improvement visible within 6-9 months and continued progress for years.

The Importance of Early Intervention

If left untreated, hair loss will progress over time. Early intervention is vital to achieving the best results from Revive and Thrive – Hair Restoration Program treatments. Many people make the mistake of waiting too long to seek help. At AesthetiCare, we encourage anyone experiencing hair loss to take action as soon as possible to:

Prevent Further Hair Loss

The sooner you start treatment, the more hair you can save. Our Revive and Thrive Program is designed to halt the progression of hair loss and protect your existing hair follicles.

Achieve Better Results

When hair follicles have been dormant for an extended period, they become more challenging to stimulate. We can work with healthier, more responsive hair follicles by intervening early, leading to more significant hair growth and thickness improvements.

Boost Your Confidence

Dealing with hair loss can be emotionally taxing, impacting your self-esteem and overall quality of life. By taking proactive steps to restore your hair, you can regain your confidence and feel more like yourself again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to continue treatments to keep my results?

While you may not need to repeat the first year of treatment in its entirety, maintaining supplementation and using serums at home is encouraged to maximize long-term results.

How much more hair will I grow, and when will I notice the new hair?

Scientific studies show changes as early as 90 days, with increasing density of newly formed hair. Results continue to improve while you are on treatment, with external and internal factors contributing to the maximum benefit you may receive.

Are the ingredients in all the products safe? What about pregnancy?

The topical serum and daily supplement are well-tolerated and safe for most patients. However, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or have any concerns.

Will Revive and Thrive – Hair Restoration Program treatments be painful or uncomfortable?

Our Carboxytherapy treatments are generally comfortable, with most clients experiencing only cool air and a slight vibration.

Are there any side effects associated with Revive and Thrive Hair Restoration Program treatments?

The treatments and products used in our Revive and Thrive program have been extensively researched and are considered safe and well-tolerated by most patients. Any side effects are typically mild and short-lived, such as temporary redness or itching at the treatment site.

Will Revive and Thrive Hair Restoration Program treatments leave me with unnatural-looking results?

At AesthetiCare, we specialize in creating subtle, seamless and indistinguishable results from your natural hair growth. Our expert team uses advanced techniques and technology to ensure that your results look and feel entirely natural.

How much does the Revive and Thrive Hair Restoration Program Program cost, and how much time will I need to commit?

Revive and Thrive is an investment in yourself and your confidence, but we understand that cost and time considerations are important factors for many people. That’s why we offer transparent pricing, financing options and a range of treatment plans to suit different budgets and lifestyles. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized plan that fits your needs and goals.

Your Path to Luscious Locks Starts Here

Don’t let hair loss hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a fuller, healthier head of hair with AesthetiCare Medspa’s transformative Revive and Thrive – Hair Restoration Program. Our expert team is ready to guide you on a journey of rediscovery, helping you unlock the confidence that comes with a head of luscious locks.

Schedule your initial consultation today by calling (816) 326-7207 or clicking below, and get ready to fall in love with your hair again. Don’t wait – your new lease on life awaits!


What our clients are saying

Krissy is thorough and easy to talk to. She is confident in her skills and put me at ease.

Jessica is always keeping me up to date on new and exciting treatments. Although I have done multiple Intracel treatments in the past, this time she encouraged me to add on PRP. I highly recommend. Healing time was so fast!

Jessica did a great job always checking with me on how I was feeling. She was always concerned about how I was doing and doing the best job she could!

Jennifer explained everything in details and was very diligent in making sure that the procedure and follow up went well

I was given the proper guidance and steps to take to make my skin better. I truly love the honesty, care, and time taken to help find solutions to make my skin better. The before and after pictures truly show a difference on how well the procedure works. And I’m still noticing differences as my skin continues to heal.

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