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What Makes Us Unique?


Our AesthetiCare staff has more than 200 combined years of experience in skin and body rejuvenation, including in laser hair removal and CoolSculpting.


AesthetiCare has 37 FDA-approved, state-of-the art treatment options - more than any other medical spa in the Midwest.


Your AesthetiCare staff includes 17 licensed aestheticians and registered nurses who receive training and continuing education each year.

With You in Mind

We’re going above and beyond to keep our center clean. We’ve implemented a new UV sterilization device with the power to achieve 99.99% room disinfection in a short time.

The advanced UVC lamp has been designed to safely disinfect spaces and surfaces while protecting business owners, staff and patrons from germs, viruses, and bacteria, without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Kansas City's Premier Medspa
Kansas City's Premier Medspa

Customizable Solutions

What's Best for YOUR Skin?

We know your time is valuable, and we want to customize our solutions. Take a couple of minutes, and click "Instant Online Consultation" to learn more about your best treatment options. Prefer to chat in person? Click "Request a Call Back," and we will contact you when it's most convenient.

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Something for everyone.

What our clients are saying.


The Aestheticare office is pleasant and the staff is so friendly. My consultation was thorough and informative. Sammy was very knowledgeable about all of the treatments and products. She presented me with me a comprehensive plan and left with a clear understanding and road map of the best course of treatments and offerings for my desired outcome. I've now also had a HydraFacial and it was amazing. Laura explained before every step what she would be doing, why, and how it would feel. After the HydraFacial I felt very refreshed and my skin was smooth and glowing. I'd love to be able to do it again soon before a big night out!

Botox / Dysport

Jessica has done a lot of my work like cool sculpting and intracel. I can't say enough good things about her. All of the staff is so friendly. Judy has done my Botox a couple times and done a great job as well. I live about 45 minutes from here but I would drive hours because they are so great. I will be a lifelong customer fighting age with every product and service they offer!

-Jenny F.


Salt Facial

The salt facial with Lacinda is amazing! I left with glowing and the softest skin. She is wonderful at talking you through the facial experience and is an expert with overall skin care in general. I would highly recommend Lacinda and the salt facial to anyone!


Had a hydro facial there before my wedding and was surprised how well it works! My expectation was some clearer skin but what a difference it made for the event and wedding photos.

Highly recommended for anyone, including apprehensive guys, of the value of an aestheticare treatment for an important event.

Couple up! LED light therapy with our LIGHTWAVE device is an amazing complement to ablative procedures like INTRAcel radiofrequency microneedling. 🤗 Certain wavelengths of light, like infrared, encourage the skin to heal itself faster by jumpstarting the body's natural healing response.

❇️Pro tip: When you schedule your next INTRAcel appointment, be sure to ask about adding LED to the end of your treatment (just $59!)👌

📲Call to set up your complimentary consultation with our experts today: 913-338-5476.

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Has working (or teaching!😩) from home caused a few new wrinkles?!

📲Schedule your next Botox appointment with us now: 913-338-5476.

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It’s no secret - the best way to fight back against stubborn spider veins on your legs is with sclerotherapy! 💉 Also no secret...Ardeth is the sclerotherapy queen.👑

This quick, painless procedure safely expands and destroys spider veins, visible blood vessels, small capillaries, and larger reticular veins. Because the needles are so small and precise, this treatment eliminates veins without harming the surrounding tissue.🦵

📲Schedule your vein consultation to get started with sclerotherapy today: 913-338-5476.

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Now is the time to address spider veins so you're not hanging out in pants next summer!
Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure which safely destroys unwanted veins, giving you skin you’ll want to show off.

➡️Visit the link in our Bio to learn more about sclerotherapy for spider veins and call to schedule your complimentary consultation: 923-338-5476.

#spiderveinsremoval #sclerotherapy #kcbeauty #greatskinkc #aestheticarekc #KC

Our new LIGHTWAVE LED therapy treatments not only fight the signs of aging, but can treat even the most stubborn acne as well.🙌

When blue light waves hit the skin, it causes oxygen to form and kill off acne-causing bacteria.

📲Schedule a consultation with our skin experts to get started treating your acne and get clear skin: 913-338-5476.

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🧐Sharing some #WednesdayWisdom: medical-grade skin care products are packed with high concentrations of quality ingredients. That means you’ll notice results faster using less product!

🛍Now you can purchase medical-grade skin care products from our private label line and other brands we love in our offices or online at the link in our Bio!

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🙌Did you know @aestheticarekc is the number 1 provider of Halo in the country?⚡️

It’s laser season, so check out this demo clip to learn more about why Halo is one of the most popular treatments we offer for repairing sun damage, visible signs of aging and more.

▶️Watch the entire demo on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

📲Schedule your complimentary consultation: 913-338-5476.

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We’re rockin’ our new #RedFriday look thanks to @charliehustleco and @tiscrubs!❤️🏈 Go Chiefs!

#getintoyourelement #ChiefsKingdom #greatskinkc #aestheticarekc #KC

To welcome our new LIGHTWAVE device to our family of advanced aesthetic treatments, we have ANOTHER introductory special for you! 👏

Take 60 minutes to yourself and get rid of your dull skin, plus infuse the exact nutrients it needs with a crystal-free microdermabrasion treatment followed by LED lightwave infusion. 🥳 Normally $179, we're offering this amazing combo for $134!

📲Contact us to claim this deal before October's over: 913-338-5476.

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No tricks and only treats in store for you this October! 🎃🍂

Now's the time to take advantage of our introductory special on our newest treatment, LED light therapy with LIGHTWAVE! This month, we're offering a 40-minute Dermaplaning + LED lightwave infusion treatment to exfoliate and deliver skin-loving ingredients deep into the skin for just $119! 😱 (Reg. $159)

📲Don't miss this ahh-mazing offer. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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Game day and we’re RED-y to see you soon!❤️🏈🧖‍♀️💉

📲Call to schedule your next appointment: 913-338-5476!
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Roaring into the weekend like our queen, Kathy!👑🏍

@kathy.taranto is one of the Rockstars of Aesthetics presenting this weekend at the Sciton Virtual Summit.⚡️
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YAY is how we feel when we get a review like this!😍
“Amazing experience as a first time client! Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Krissy was fantastic answering all my questions and making me feel comfortable. I will definitely be a customer for life and recommend to everyone!” - Lori C.

📲Come see for yourself: 913-338-5476.
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Some call it fall.🍂
We say, hello laser season!✨

📲Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today to see which treatment is right for you: 913-338-5476.
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💪 @coolsculpting...definitely not just for your abdomen!
❄️ @ac_nurse_jesstap’s client got fantastic results with 2 sessions, totaling 4 CoolSculpting cycles.
📲Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today: 913-338-5476.
#transformationtuesday #coolsculpting #coolsculptingbeforeandafter #greatskinkc #aestheticarekc #KC

Check out Matt explaining one of the newest ways we’re keeping our clients and staff safe! VioUV is an ultraviolet UV-C sterilization lamp that helps disinfect spaces without harsh chemicals.

Hope to see you soon @aestheticarekc!
#viouv #kcbeauty #greatskinkc #aestheticarekc #KC

📣This is it...your last chance to save 20% on virtually all services and products!

💻Purchase at the link in our Bio until 5pm today!

👉Tag your friends who shouldn’t miss out on this incredible deal!

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