Lip Color in Kansas City

Permanent Lip Color in Kansas City + Liberty

Lip Color in Kansas City & North KC

Let your lips speak for themselves.

Beautiful, perfect lip color that won’t smudge or wear off can be yours with a professional permanent makeup lip procedure at our Leawood or Liberty office!

Lipstick easily rubs off, and it can become a hassle to constantly reapply. Enhance the appearance of your lips, correct asymmetry, and define them permanently. Our permanent lipstick specialist, Christina, has a variety of colors to choose from to fit anyone’s skin tone and personal style. From very natural lip colors to the boldest and brightest.

Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure, use of certain skin products, pigments, immune system, medications, and other factors. Touch-ups are recommended once every 1-2 years to prevent natural fading.

The Procedure


What it Treats
  • Thin lips
  • Asymmetrical lips
  • Inconvenience of lipstick application
Touch-up Treatments

Touch-ups are recommended once every 1-2 years to prevent natural fading.


The outcome of permanent cosmetic procedures is dictated by its canvas. The better you take care of your skin and protect it from UV rays, the better the outcome and lifespan of permanent cosmetic procedures.

Permanent Lip Before & After


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Permanent Lip Color - Before & After

Permanent Lip Color - Before & After

Permanent Lip Color - Before & After

Permanent Lip Color - Before & After

Permanent Lip Color - Before & After

Permanent Lip Color - Before & After

Steps to Take Before a Permanent Lip Color


Don't Consume the Following

Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ibuprofen or other blood-thinning medication or supplement 24 hours before the procedure. Avoid alcohol and excessive caffeine intake 2 days before the procedure.



If you have ever had cold sores, shingles, or herpes simplex, it is very important that you are pre-treated with Valtrex. For your safety, we recommend that you take Valtrex (2 tablets) 1 day before the procedure, again 2 tablets on the day of the procedure and 1 tablet every day for 7 days after your lip procedure.


Creating the Perfect Shade & Shape

With a wide range of high quality hypoallergenic permanent makeup pigments, we will customize the perfect lip shade and shape. We offer permanent lip liner with blending to define and create the perfect shape. We can also line and fill in the entire lip area for a concentrated permanent color effect.


Please be aware that the result of the procedure is depending the following

Medication and health conditions, Skin Conditions – i.e. oily and poor skin, very dry/flaky skin, sun-damaged skin, loose or laxed skin, Natural skin undertones, alcohol intake and smoking, general stress, immune system, poor diet, and not following the aftercare instructions, may affect your healed results.

Post-Lip Procedure

Proper care following your procedure is necessary to achieve the best results. Keep in mind that in many cases, some unevenness of color is to be expected. This is the purpose of the touch-up visit.

  • For 3-4 hours after your procedure, use the provided ice packs as needed to get swelling down.
  • Keep your lips moisturized with Vaseline or Aquaphor at all times. Avoid spicy foods, direct contact with foods or drinks (e.g. carefully use straws and utensils) to the treated area for the first 2 days.
  • Try to not lick or bite your lips, and do not wear lipstick, lip gloss, or other lip makeup until healed.
  • Remember to schedule your touch-up appointment around 30-days after your initial treatment. Your service is not complete until after your second touch-up appointment.

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Lip Color in Kansas City

Perfect lips are attainable