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Lip Blushing: Your Ideal Lipstick Alternative!

Okay, ladies, let’s get real here.

You’ve got a Christmas party to go to, and all the lipsticks in your arsenal just won’t work – so you’ve got to go out and find that perfect shade!

You arrive at your favorite cosmetic store only to face confounding rows of color. After searching and scouring, unscrewing and untwisting, you finally find the perfect shade.

You get it home and try it out, only to find that it’s not the flattering shade you thought it was, leading to round two of this dreaded process.

There’s got to be an easier way, right? In fact, there is!

AesthetiCare offers a cosmetic treatment known as permanent lip color, and it’s done through a process known as lip blushing. Achieve beautifully defined lips with permanent lip color that will never smudge, smear or disappear with lip blushing!

Hello, lipstick alternative!

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the lip-blushing process and what it treats in addition to a live lip-blushing demo for your curious mind. Let’s get started!

What Is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a permanent makeup lips procedure that can enhance your lips’ overall appearance, correct asymmetrical lips, treat thin lips, or define them permanently.

Lip blushing transforms your current lip pigmentation into permanent lip coloring. Pigment retention depends on a variety of factors, such as age, skin type, sun exposure and more.

It’s due to these factors that touch-ups are recommended once every one to two years to prevent the natural fading of your new loud-and-proud lips.

Permanent Makeup FAQs

Before we dive into exactly what to expect with lip blushing, see these frequently asked questions below! Odds are you are probably asking yourself one or more of the following questions.

  1. What is permanent makeup and why would someone consider getting it?

Permanent makeup is a specialized form of tattooing that uses special techniques, inks and tools designed specifically for the face. When properly performed, the result replicates a natural-looking makeup look, depending on the client’s preference.

  1. What does someone need to do to prepare for getting permanent makeup?

The most important thing to do in preparation for permanent makeup is your homework!

  • Look for unedited images of real-life examples.
  • Healed results are key!
  • Consider what would make your morning routine easier.

Check out Christina’s work on her Instagram!

  1. Is there any maintenance involved after getting this treatment?

Modern permanent makeup requires color-refresh treatments every few years because the color is implanted higher in the dermis than inks used in body tattoos. This allows for a more natural healed look that ages better and naturally over time.

  1. What are the benefits of permanent makeup, and who is a good candidate?

Permanent makeup can enhance your natural beauty and improve your mornings and life in general. It has several uses, including:

  • Filling in missing natural hair in eyebrows
  • Correcting asymmetry
  • Boldening eyelashes
  • Adding color to your lips

Almost everyone is a good candidate for permanent makeup. Some techniques work better on certain skin types, while other skin types must be matched with the proper ink and technique to ensure the best results.

Watch a Lip Blushing Treatment

What Can You Expect With Lip Blushing? 

As with any cosmetic procedure, your AesthetiCare permanent makeup specialist, Christina Frazier, will go over in detail what to expect before, during and after your treatment to ensure your comfort every step of the way.

Prior to your permanent lip color procedure, there are just a few steps to keep in mind:

  • Do not consume aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, ibuprofen or other supplement or blood-thinning medication 24 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and excessive caffeine for two days prior to the procedure.
  • If you’ve ever experienced cold sores, shingles or herpes simplex, take Valtrex prior to your procedure.

Permanent makeup specialist Christina has a variety of colors that will elevate anyone’s skin tone and personal style, so whether your jam is neutral and natural or bold and bright, Christina’s got you covered!

See more results here!

During your lip-blushing procedure, Christina will customize your lips to their perfect shape and shade via high-quality, hypoallergenic pigments.

AesthetiCare also offers permanent lip liner that can help with blending and obtaining your ideal shape, or you can line and fill the entire lip area for more concentrated permanent lip coloring.

For best results, it’s important to follow proper post-procedure care:

  • Use the provided ice packs for three to four hours following the procedure or as needed for swelling.
  • Keep lips moisturized with Vaseline or Aquaphor at all times.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Avoid direct contact with food and drinks to the treated area for the first two days.
  • Do not lick or bite your lips, and avoid wearing lipstick, gloss or similar products until healed.
  • Remember to schedule your touch-up appointment 30 days out from your initial lip-blushing procedure.

Meet Christina Frazier

Christina Frazier is a talented permanent makeup specialist and aesthetician who recently won Best Microblading in Kansas City Magazine’s Best of KC 2022 awards.

AesthetiCare is grateful to have Christina as a part of our team because, in addition to her many talents, she has a passion for beauty and improving confidence in women.

With over six years of experience, 300 hours of one-on-one training and more than 50 procedures, it’s no surprise she was voted the best!

If permanent makeup interests you, schedule a virtual consultation with Christina anytime to discuss your goals or ask questions.

Schedule Treatments at AC

There you have it! You now know all about the lip-blushing procedure. But there’s one more thing.

AesthetiCare is offering 15% Off* Any New Permanent Makeup Lip Treatment NOW.

Remember that this sale includes not only lip blushing but ANY new lip treatment, including full lip color and lip color correction!

So, ladies, if you’re fed up with those tiresome and rarely pleasant lipstick trips, or are tired of wasting money on lipsticks that constantly wear off, then schedule your personal consultation with Christina and get started with a lipstick alternative today!

*A consultation is required, and this offer is not valid for touch-ups.

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