Wedding Beauty Prep With AesthetiCare

You said yes. Congratulations! You’ve waited for your wedding day your entire life, and now it’s finally happening.

So, what to do first?

Call family and friends?  Check.

Post pictures to social media?  Check.

Nail down a date? Check.

But now what??  Exactly.

Planning the perfect wedding can bring a lot of unnecessary stress: You’re making plans, running errands, going to fittings – it’s easy to forget about yourself amid all the chaos.

But every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. So, when you say “Yes!” to the dress, also say “Yes!” to the Prep with our Wedding Beauty Planning Tool, which will relieve your stress and take you from Bridezilla … to GLAM-Zilla!

Experience our Wedding Beauty Planning Tool in action through our AesthetiCare staff members and newlyweds, Kelly Gillotti and Liz Enea, as they share their unique wedding prep journeys with you.

Meet Bride Kelly Gromer!

Kelly is a standout nurse at AesthetiCare Liberty who used the Wedding Beauty Planning Tool to prep for her dream wedding.

Kelly’s Wedding Beauty Timeline

Popular pre-wedding pampering treatments include Botox and facials because of their minimal downtime and long-lasting results, which are exactly what Kelly took advantage of for her wedding prep!

Without further ado, let’s dive into Kelly’s pre-wedding prep, which includes bold Botox, HydraFacial/Dermaplaning and BBL laser treatment for that pre-wedding glow!

Kelly’s journey to bridal beauty:

  • Botox: 4 weeks prior to her wedding day, Kelly used Botox to treat crow’s-feet and improve muscle and skin laxity on her forehead and along her neck.
  • HydraFacial/Dermaplane: Kelly obtained monthly HydraFacial/dermaplaning treatments to exfoliate and extract dead skin, stimulate collagen production and increase hydration. Kelly treated herself to one last HydraFacial early in her wedding week to ensure glowing, radiant skin.
  • BBL: Prior to her wedding, Kelly treated her skin to a series of two BBL treatments to even her skin tone, reduce redness and kill bacteria for a bright and smooth complexion with no downtime.

A Word of Bridal Advice

If Kelly could give one word of bridal advice to soon-to-be brides, it would be: TAKE IN EVERY MOMENT.

Kelly said her wedding prep went by so fast, which is why her advice to new brides is to cherish every second of the wedding process, taking the time to enjoy the purpose of the day, your significant other and yourself.

Meet Bride Liz Lee!

Liz is one of our amazing front desk friendlies at AesthetiCare. See how she used the Wedding Beauty Planning Tool for her big day!

Liz’s Wedding Beauty Timeline

Luckily, Liz keeps up with her recommended AesthetiCare treatments, because just 135 days after the engagement, she tied the knot! Now that doesn’t leave a lot of time for wedding prep, but Liz was still able to achieve the best version of herself with the following cosmetic treatments: Botox/Dysport, Sclerotherapy, MOXI, Age Jet and HydraFacial/Dermaplaning.

Liz’s journey to bridal beauty:

  • Botox/Dysport: Liz gets regular Dysport treatments quarterly as preventive maintenance to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, but she also did a treatment of Dysport two weeks prior to her wedding.
  • Sclerotherapy: Immediately after she got engaged, Liz did a series of Sclerotherapy treatments to address her leg veins (commonly referred to as “spider veins”), since she fancied a shorter dress.
  • MOXI: About 90 days out from her wedding day, Liz treated her skin to the magic of MOXI to improve overall skin texture and pigment.
  • HydraFacial/dermaplane: For a little extra exfoliation and a rich, dewy glow, Liz got a HydraFacial and dermaplane treatment a week before the day of her wedding.
  • Age Jet: At the same time Liz was treated with MOXI, she treated her eyelids with two Age Jet treatments, since time, genetics and allergies had taken a toll.

Age Jet is one of AesthetiCare’s newest treatments for improving skin laxity, including loose eyelid skin. Learn more about other conditions Age Jet treats and how it is used to safely treat both the upper and lower eyelids in the video below.

Check out Liz’s incredible before and after pics of Age Jet results below, which show the lifting of the eyelids one week and 60 days after treatment.

A Word of Bridal Advice

Liz’s piece of bridal advice to anyone newly engaged would be: STAY TRUE TO YOUR WISHES.

It’s true that everyone always has an opinion – even about your big day! Liz’s advice, however, is to do your best to stay true to what you and your partner want for your wedding day. Heed advice, sure – but ultimately, follow your heart.

It all goes by in the blink of an eye, so try and pause to take it all in. Or as Liz would say:

  • “Say hello to your guests, but focus on your partner.”
  • “Enjoy the party, but also eat the food you picked out!”
  • “Don’t get so caught up in being the hostess that you forget about the purpose of the day, which is to celebrate you, your partner and the love you share. Most importantly – HAVE FUN!!”

Our Wedding Beauty Planning Tool Is Waiting for You!

It’s important to keep in mind that every woman’s bridal beauty journey will be different, because no one’s skin is the same. AesthetiCare recommends to any soon-to-be bride (or anyone prepping for an event) that when it comes to starting their beauty routine – the sooner, the better.

When you say “Yes!” to the Prep, our wedding beauty planners will teach you all the things you can do to look your best.

Our only goal is to ensure you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day – ready to walk down the aisle with flawless skin to your ever-faithful fiancé.

You can get started with your wedding beauty timeline by filling out the  Wedding Beauty Planning Tool form. We’re looking forward to glamming you up for your big day!

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