Sclerotherapy in Kansas City

Treat Spider Veins.

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treating unsightly “spider veins” on the body.

In addition to being completely safe, sclerotherapy is also very effective in alleviating symptoms related to unwanted spider veins such as aches, tenderness, throbbing, itching, and restlessness. Very small veins, called telangiectastias (spider veins), as well as larger veins (reticular veins) are both effectively treated using sclerotherapy. During your initial sclerotherapy consultation at our Kansas City or Liberty office, we will evaluate your veins and determine a treatment plan that will work best for you.

The Procedure Details

What it Treats

Vascular lesions on the face, legs, and body

Procedure Time

15-60 minutes

Recovery Time & Side Effects

It is very normal to experience light bruising after treatment. When treating legs, clients must wear compression hose for 3-7 days post-treatment.


Clients can reasonably expect a dramatic improvement in spider veins. Much like resolving a bruise, this process causes a gradual fading of the treated vessel over a period of several weeks to several months.

Sclerotherapy Before & After

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Paired Treatments

See more dramatic results with combined treatments.

Patients that combine treatments see better, faster results than doing one treatment alone. Talk to one of our professional team members today about potential cost savings when you book multiple treatments together!

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Sclerotherapy in Kansas City

Benefits of Sclerotherapy


Fast, Safe, & Effective

This treatment is fast (as quick as 15 minutes!), and since there is no sedative required, patients are able to immediately resume their daily activities post-treatment.


More than Just Cosmetics

Sclerotherapy treatment is primarily a cosmetic procedure. However, some patients experience relief of symptoms associated with varicose and spider veins such as night cramps, swelling, aching, or pain in the affected limbs.


Highly Trained Staff

AesthetiCare is an international training center for a wide variety of aesthetic procedures. We have trained over 1,200 clinics across North America and are considered a leader in the aesthetic field.

The Sclerotherapy Process

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Sclerotherapy is the practice of injecting FDA-approved medication into unwanted, anatomically unnecessary blood vessels that cause an unsightly aesthetic appearance. The solution injected is a sophisticated foamed chemical compound. This medication causes an irritation of the inside lining of the vessel which subsequently collapses. It then becomes nonviable and is eventually absorbed and disposed of by the body.



Your Kansas City or Liberty provider will assess the affected areas, review patient health history, and review any significant surgical or medical information, past and present.


Treat Spider Veins

A Sclerotherapist will cleanse the skin with witch hazel and inject each vein as needed in all areas of concern as time allows per treatment session. We will also address any bleeding that may occur.


Ensure Lasting Results

Patients may be instructed to put on compression stockings (legs only) to aid the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I experience any side effects?

Immediately post-treatment, you may see multiple red, raised bumps all over the treated areas. This is called the “red response” and is actually a desired outcome. The bumps will look (and itch) like a bug bite and resolve 20-30 minutes after treatment.

Please note, sclerotherapy “kills” unwanted veins, prompting the body to then absorb and eliminate them as waste. Appearance of the veins will worsen before they get better, as the body absorbs different-sized veins at different rates. During this process, veins will initially darken in appearance and there will be some degree of bruising from the injections, as well as some hyperpigmentation (as iron in the blood will remain on the surface of the skin as the body absorbs the actual vein membrane and components).

How many treatments will I need?

Most people’s concerns will be mostly resolved with 4-5 treatments. There are patients who will fall outside those parameters based on the size of the affected area(s). It also depends on how the client’s body responds to treatment.

Will these veins come back?

No. An appropriately treated vein will be metabolized and eliminated by the body much like a scab would be. In many cases, patients have a genetic predisposition for spider veins, so the likelihood of the body making “new” veins is high. Once the initial series of treatments is complete, the patient will most likely need maintenance treatments once or twice a year as new veins appear.

Do I need these veins?

No. The veins that are appropriate to treat with sclerotherapy are very small, superficial veins that are not imperative to circulation in any way. The bigger-sized reticular veins that are treated often cause symptoms (itching, throbbing, heaviness) that are alleviated with treatment, theoretically improving circulation.

Will the treatment hurt?

Different patients have different pain tolerance. The needles used for sclerotherapy are small and thin, however, there still may be some degree of discomfort, as the treatment involves multiple injections over all areas of concern.

What are the possible side effects of treatments?

All medical treatments carry a certain degree of risk. However, side effects following a sclerotherapy procedure are generally very mild and well tolerated.

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What our clients are saying

Krissy is thorough and easy to talk to. She is confident in her skills and put me at ease.

Jessica is always keeping me up to date on new and exciting treatments. Although I have done multiple Intracel treatments in the past, this time she encouraged me to add on PRP. I highly recommend. Healing time was so fast!

Jessica did a great job always checking with me on how I was feeling. She was always concerned about how I was doing and doing the best job she could!

Jennifer explained everything in details and was very diligent in making sure that the procedure and follow up went well

I was given the proper guidance and steps to take to make my skin better. I truly love the honesty, care, and time taken to help find solutions to make my skin better. The before and after pictures truly show a difference on how well the procedure works. And I’m still noticing differences as my skin continues to heal.

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