SKINVIVE is an innovative injectable gel that’s placed just under the skin. It’s been meticulously developed to help your skin retain its natural moisture, combatting dryness and smoothing out those fine lines that make you look older than you feel.

Why Choose SKINVIVE?

Selecting SKINVIVE is a step toward embracing a treatment supported by clinical research, offering surface-level enhancement and a more profound revival of your skin’s health. It’s a science-backed approach to achieving lasting hydration and a youthful glow.

Choosing SKINVIVE means selecting a treatment backed by one of the leading names in aesthetic medicine. It’s not just about the visible improvements; it’s about investing in your skin’s long-term health. Opting for SKINVIVE means choosing a path to skin that looks better and truly feels revitalized from within.

The Procedure

What to Expect

When you come in for your SKINVIVE treatment, here’s what you can expect:

  • A gentle injection process targeting areas that could benefit from enhanced smoothness and hydration.
  • A short, comfortable session that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

SKINVIVE is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a precise application method to target specific areas of concern on your skin. Utilizing a state-of-the-art device, our skilled practitioners gently introduce a specially formulated solution into the skin, rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants.

This treatment is designed to hydrate deeply, revitalize and restore a youthful complexion.


Deeply Hydrates and Nourishes the Skin

If you’ve used skincare products, you already know about hyaluronic acid, a popular ingredient for hydration. SKINVIVE takes this to the next level with a unique hyaluronic acid to moisturize your skin deeply. This keeps your skin looking smooth, healthy and bright.

Enhances Skin Tone and Texture

A radiant complexion is often a sign of healthy, well-cared-for skin. SKINVIVE goes beyond simple hydration, enhancing skin tone and texture. Boosting your skin’s hydration from within helps to even out any uneven skin tone, leading to a smoother, more refined skin texture. This means a clearer, more consistent complexion that feels as good as it looks.

Provides a Nonsurgical, Minimally Invasive Option for Skin Rejuvenation

For those looking for significant skin improvements without the commitment or downtime of surgery, SKINVIVE offers an appealing solution. It’s a quick, office-based treatment that doesn’t involve any surgical procedures. The injections are minimally invasive and can be done in a short visit to your skincare professional, with no need for a lengthy recovery.

Safety Information

Our commitment to your well-being is unwavering. SKINVIVE is FDA-approved and safe for use, with a profile well-suited to most adults. We take every precaution to ensure it’s an appropriate choice for you.

It’s unsuitable for individuals with a history of severe allergic reactions, those allergic to lidocaine or the proteins used in the product or anyone who has previously had issues with hyaluronic acid fillers. Discussing your medical history with our specialists ensures that SKINVIVE will work for you in your personalized assessment.

Potential Side Effects

Typically, any reactions subside within a week. Patients have most frequently experienced side effects such as:

  • swelling
  • discomfort
  • skin sensitivity

Other less common effects noted include:

  • areas of firmness
  • changes in skin color
  • itchiness

Should they linger, notify us immediately so we can intervene if necessary.

Join Us at Aesthetic Care Med Spa

Embrace the journey to luminous skin with SKINVIVE by Juvéderm at Aesthetic Care Med Spa. Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive personalized care tailored to your beauty goals.

Contact us today here or by calling 816.338.7881 to schedule your consultation and discover the transformative power of SKINVIVE by Juvéderm.


What our clients are saying

Krissy is thorough and easy to talk to. She is confident in her skills and put me at ease.

Jessica is always keeping me up to date on new and exciting treatments. Although I have done multiple Intracel treatments in the past, this time she encouraged me to add on PRP. I highly recommend. Healing time was so fast!

Jessica did a great job always checking with me on how I was feeling. She was always concerned about how I was doing and doing the best job she could!

Jennifer explained everything in details and was very diligent in making sure that the procedure and follow up went well

I was given the proper guidance and steps to take to make my skin better. I truly love the honesty, care, and time taken to help find solutions to make my skin better. The before and after pictures truly show a difference on how well the procedure works. And I’m still noticing differences as my skin continues to heal.

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