Christina Frazier

Permanent Makeup Specialist

Fun Fact

Christina has been producing a local radio show for over 4 years.


Christina Frazier is a licensed permanent makeup specialist with over six years of experience. She specializes in powder brows, microblading, hybrid blading and shading techniques, and gentle lip pigmentation and natural eyeliner. With this range of custom capabilities, she can create the perfect brow for her clients with lip and eye service to match. Other services include revisions of previous permanent makeup work including, if necessary, gentle 100% natural removal of old permanent makeup, lips and eyeliner. Christina’s initial training and licensure required more than three hundred hours of one-on-one training and more than fifty procedures. She keeps current on new techniques and products and is connected with industry experts and mentors (some with over thirty years’ experience). Christina splits time between offices in Kansas and working once monthly in Saint Louis Missouri.


Christina’s passion is her podcast East of Eden and helping women improve their confidence and self esteem through beauty.

Permanent Lip Color

Christina explained everything, she was very professional, and my results were amazing. Very happy.

April 2, 2019


The procedure brought back my eyebrows from my youth, prior to my thyroid condition. Made my eyes be noticed again. [Single best thing is...] Having the youthful feeling when looking in the mirror. Seeing a set of full eyebrows again.

March 13, 2019

Christina Frazier

Christina is very caring about making you comfortable and the procedure as painless as possible. She is conservative knowing she can always go darker if not to my liking. She has never been wrong in choosing colors that are noticeable and natural at the same time. Love how brows contour and shape "my" face naturally. Brings out my natural beauty but better. Would highly recommend her skills to all of my acquaintances. I have both brows and eyeliner done. Best thing is waking up and not having to put eyeliner or eyebrow pencil in the mornings.

June 19, 2019