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CoolSculpting® for Double Chins

Are you seeing double when you look at your chin? Contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa and ask how you can use CoolSculpting® for double chins. Sometimes the phrase “two is better than one” does not apply. If you are struggling with the idea of having two chins, AesthetiCare Medical Spa makes it easy for you to prevent Read More

Smooth Out Your Buttocks with Cellfina™

Are you tired of embarrassing dimples on your buttocks? Smooth out your buttocks with Cellfina™ at AesthetiCare Medical Spa. When you look in the mirror, do you notice the ripples and dimples on your buttocks? Do you long for a more even and smooth appearance on your buttocks? AesthetiCare Medical Spa has you covered! Cellfina™, Read More

Effective Cellulite Reduction for Thighs

Prevent insecurities from excess cellulite in your thighs today. AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers effective cellulite reduction for thighs with Cellfina™. It doesn’t matter who you are, every single individual has an area on their body that they wished looked different. At AesthetiCare Medical Spa, we work hard to give you a body you can be Read More

Lower Back Tattoo Removal in Kansas City

Fade your unwanted back tattoo. AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers effective lower back tattoo removal in Kansas City! Are you tired of purchasing expensive tattoo cover ups and wearing long shirts to disguise the tattoo on your lower back? If you find yourself hating your ink and wishing there was a better solution, AesthetiCare Medical Spa Read More

Shrink Cellulite with Cellfina™

If you struggle with unnecessary cellulite in your thighs or buttocks, it is time to shrink cellulite with Cellfina™! The summer days are getting hotter, which means a rise in ice cold beverages, tank tops, and even the dreaded summer shorts. Summer shorts can be intimidating if you are insecure about the way your thighs Read More

Long-Lasting Cellulite Treatment

Are you looking for a reliable method to beat cellulite? Try our new long-lasting cellulite treatment at AesthetiCare Medical Spa! At AesthetiCare Medical Spa, we know the importance of having skin that you can be proud of. Stop excess cellulite with our new, long-lasting cellulite treatment at AesthetiCare Medical Spa that will get you the results Read More

Decrease Signs of Aging with Botox®

Do you have unwanted wrinkes? Decrease signs of aging with Botox® at AesthetiCare Medical Spa today! If you have ever heard the phrase, “Age does not bring you wisdom, age brings you wrinkles” and feel an unpleasant personal connection with it, then chances are you are in need of a treatment. AesthetiCare Medical Spa can help Read More

Premier Cellulite Treatment in Kansas City

Do you have imperfections in your skin due to cellulite? Schedule an appointment with AesthetiCare Medical Spa for our premier cellulite treatment in Kansas City! AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers clients a way to treat your problem areas that are affected by unwanted, stubborn cellulite via our premier cellulite treatment in Kansas City. Cellfina™, an effective Read More

Treat Cellulite On Your Buttocks with Cellfina™

Do you have excess cellulite? Smooth out your buttocks with Cellfina™ in Kansas City at AesthetiCare Medical Spa. Ripples and dimples in your buttocks area can be discouraging. Whether you have struggled with extreme dieting and exercise, or you are looking for a reliable treatment, AesthetiCare can help. If you are looking for an minimally invasive, Read More

Reduce Stomach Fat with CoolSculpting®

Are you dreaming of a tight stomach? Reduce stomach fat with CoolSculpting® at AesthetiCare Medical Spa! At AesthetiCare Medical Spa, we know that unwanted stomach fat can be devastating and cause unnecessary negative feelings towards your body. If you are tired of relentless fat in your stomach area, fight the fat at its source: the Read More