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Introducing AesthetiCare as a B12 Supplement Provider in Kansas City

A common concern for so many people is feeling lackluster in your energy levels and because of this you may even be struggling to lose weight. This can cause you to feel unmotivated, too tired for certain activities and for lack of a better term, blah. Luckily, AesthetiCare’s new Wellness Services have scoped out a treatment just for this not-so-great feeling: vitamin b12 injections! 

The list of benefits is impressive, and today we’re going over everything you need to know about them as a B12 supplement provider in Kansas City!

At AesthetiCare, we care, and this isn’t just about helping you feel great in your skin (though that’s a huge priority for us!). We also care about how you feel inside, and our vitamin B12 supplements can help optimize your health and help you go from feeling blah to amazing ✨ 

What is B12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for your body that aids in the correct development and function of your nervous system, brain, and even your red blood cells. It also promotes the healthy function of your metabolism, which is a big plus for clients looking to boost their metabolism for weight loss purposes. What’s surprising is that B12 deficiency is very common and easy to miss. Our bodies don’t naturally produce vitamin B12, meaning we have to get it from an outside source. B12 sources include:

  • Animal products like eggs, fish, milk, and meat.
  • Supplements or injections

Your body needs many vitamins to function at an optimal level. When we say optimal, we mean that most of our bodies get by functioning at an average level, but your body has the ability to function better and more efficiently. You can have better energy levels, a faster metabolism, and experience a wealth of other benefits with the right amount of vitamin B12. 

Speaking of benefits, let’s go over those shall we?

How B12 helps your body 

As an essential vitamin, B12 may positively affect your health in many ways. Below is an overview of several B12 supplement benefits.

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Produces red blood cells

One of the main functions of B12 is to help your body produce red blood cells. Red blood cells are important to your health because they carry oxygen from your lungs throughout the rest of your body. If your red blood cell count is low, this is known as anemia. Anemia can be caused from a lack of the proper amount of nutrients, vitamin B12 being one of them! If you’re anemic, your body does not have enough strong red blood cells to carry oxygen efficiently through your body, causing fatigue and weakness. 

Supports bone health

According to a 2005 study, a vitamin B12 deficiency may affect bone formation and it can also be an osteoporosis risk factor.  

Improves your mood

Though there is still a lot to learn about it, vitamin B12 has a hand in the creation and metabolization of serotonin, the chemical that’s job is to regulate your mood. Serotonin production helps prevent low moods and symptoms of depression. 

Regulates brain function

There is not a ton of information on it, but vitamin B12 deficiency has been linked to memory loss because it might have an effect on preventing brain atrophy. Another study showed that low levels of vitamin B12 may be linked with poor cognitive performance. With the right levels of B12, it can improve your brain’s overall function.

Boosts your energy levels 

If you are deficient in B12, it can have a huge effect on your energy levels. This is because anemia (B12 deficiency) is caused by a lack of enough oxygen carried throughout your body, making you feel weak and tired. If you get your levels up to par, you can experience better energy where you feel alert and ready to take on your day!  

Creates healthier skin, nails, and hair 

Your skin, hair, and nails are all from cell production. If your body’s ability to produce these cells is weak, you may notice the effects on your ability to have clear, youthful skin, strong nails, and thick, healthy hair. Vitamin B12 levels can affect the production of cells to optimize these attributes, and if you’re deficient, a B12 supplement can help get your skin, hair, and nails looking good.

B12 deficiency symptoms

So most of these benefits of B12 will only impact you if your B12 levels are low in the first place. But how do you know if you have a deficiency? It can be hard to spot, and a healthcare professional can help you determine the levels your body has, but here are a few symptoms associated with B12 deficiency:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Low energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Slow metabolism
  • Brain fog

B12 deficiency is also common in those who are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, since it is a vitamin present in animal products. 

Do any of these symptoms sound like what you experience? You could have a deficiency. 

If so, you can schedule a wellness consultation at AesthetiCare to learn more about your B12 levels and if our B12 injections and supplements are right for you.

AesthetiCare’s B12 Wellness Shot Ingredients

We believe that the right ingredients create the best outcomes, and we are so excited for the B12 shots we’ll be offering at AesthetiCare through our amazing new Wellness program.

A Word on Lipotropics

Lipotropics are a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that help metabolize fat in the body. Lipotropic injections such as our Wellness shot can speed up the process of fat breakdown and enhance weight loss results. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, lipotropic injections are a great resource for added support in your health and wellness. 

Lipotropic formulas can vary between providers, and AesthetiCare’s formula is made with the best ingredients for great results. 


Methionine is an essential amino acid that has an important role in the health and metabolism of our bodies. It is integral to your body’s energy levels.


Inositol is found naturally in the body and it works to improve brain function and help ease anxiety and depression symptoms. 


Choline is an important nutrient that aids in many steps for a healthy metabolism.

Methylcobalamin (B12)

There is a synthetic form of B12 that contains ingredients not found in nature: cyanocobalamin. The B12 we use is the natural form of B12 known as methylcobalamin; it’s a superior absorbable form of B12, meaning that you get the most out of it compared to other B12 products.

As explained earlier, B12 aids in cell reproduction, red blood cell formation, protein and tissue synthesis, among other benefits. These combine to optimize your health while also improving your skin!

Glutathione Shot

Glutathione is an important antioxidant in the body and it helps to stop and also reverse free-radical effects (illness and aging). It also aids in detoxification of harmful toxins, has anti inflammatory benefits, and can also improve skin elasticity, minimize acne & blemishes, and improve pigmentation to help the skin glow.

Treatment Process

Wellness Consultation

Though not necessary to receive B12 or Glutathione shots, a wellness consultation and labs are recommended. As B12 supplement provider in Kansas City, our wellness consultations are with our nurse practitioner. During this consultation, we will discuss your symptoms, medical history, and treatment goals and expectations. We will then refer you for lab work to find out your baseline vitamin levels. We will also find the best way to take vitamin B12 for you.

Lab Work and Follow Up Appointment

Once you get your lab work completed, you will need to make a follow up appointment in the next 5 to 7 days to ensure report accuracy. We will review the labs to see your baseline functioning levels. This will help us create a personalized treatment plan for you and see where you may be deficient.

Supplement or Injection Treatment

We will determine an individualized treatment plan for you to optimize your health and wellness through supplements or injections, or possibly a mixture of both. The goal is to get you feeling better, more energized, and like your best self! 

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About our AesthetiCare B12 Daily Supplement

With just one tab daily, this supplement provides high concentration, fast-absorbing bioactive methylcobalamin and methylfolate (100% as 5-MTHF) to accomplish many things, including:

  • Boost energy levels 
  • Supports red blood cell production
  • Promotes cardiovascular health and homocysteine balance
  • Rejuvenates nerve cell function and 
  • Boosts cognitive health
  • Supports a positive mood and healthy sleep cycle regulation

The Benefits of AesthetiCare Supplements

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Medical-grade products

AesthetiCare Wellness carries only medical-grade supplements that have been vigorously tested for quality and are formulated using high quality ingredients.

Backed by research

AesthetiCare Wellness Supplements are based on evidence to include the right therapeutic dosing of each ingredient, based on established research.

No allergens

AesthetiCare Wellness Supplements are formulated to be free of all allergens from gluten, corn, yeast and do not contain artificial colors or flavors.

Visit Aestheticare to reap the benefits of B12 supplements and injections!

We’re so excited to continue to grow our wellness side of Aestheticare. Since 2001, we have loved being your source for the latest and best aesthetic treatments. Now we are a resource for your wellness, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! 

Serving clients from Kansas City, Liberty, and North KC areas, our supplements and wellness shot are designed to optimize your health and get you feeling great.

Schedule an appointment for a wellness consultation with our nurse practitioner today to better optimize your health. 



What our clients are saying

Krissy is thorough and easy to talk to. She is confident in her skills and put me at ease.

Jessica is always keeping me up to date on new and exciting treatments. Although I have done multiple Intracel treatments in the past, this time she encouraged me to add on PRP. I highly recommend. Healing time was so fast!

Jessica did a great job always checking with me on how I was feeling. She was always concerned about how I was doing and doing the best job she could!

Jennifer explained everything in details and was very diligent in making sure that the procedure and follow up went well

I was given the proper guidance and steps to take to make my skin better. I truly love the honesty, care, and time taken to help find solutions to make my skin better. The before and after pictures truly show a difference on how well the procedure works. And I’m still noticing differences as my skin continues to heal.

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