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Skincare can go one of two ways: it can either work or not work. If you’re tired of going through the trials and tribulations of over-the-counter products, there’s a surefire solution to get you the results you’re after: medical-grade skin care. 

With medical-grade skin care, you’ll know you’re getting the purest ingredients in concentrations that’ll actually make a difference. So no more endless scrubbing, wasting products, and damaging your skin as a result—now’s your chance to get the skin you’ve always wanted.

Yet with so many products on the market, it can be challenging to find which product will work best for you. Fortunately, our team of skincare experts at AesthetiCare stay in-the-know on the latest and greatest products available. To get you started, we’ve created a guide on everything you should know about your skin and a list of the best medical-grade skincare of 2020. 

Why is skincare so important anyway?

The answer is simple. Skincare is important because your skin is important. As the largest organ in your body (fun fact) your skin protects your body from infections and other outside forces. In other words, take care of your skin, and your skin takes care of you

Your skin is comprised of three layers: 

  1. Hypodermis: the innermost subcutaneous layer filled with fat cells to insulate your body
  2. Dermis: middle layer that houses collagen and elastin fibers
  3. Epidermis: outer layer of skin meant to protect your body from environmental elements

Unfortunately, time plays a huge role in how effective those layers are at doing their jobs. As we age, a few things begin to happen:

  • Skin cells in the epidermis become thinner
  • Collagen and elastin production slows
  • Fat cells in the hypodermis shrink

What happens when you combine those changes? Well, our skin isn’t as protected against harsh environmental factors, we begin forming wrinkles and fine lines, and we lose the facial volume that keeps us looking young.

On top of that (sorry, there’s more), those warm sun rays that keep our skin nice and golden are also the culprits behind speeding up that aging process. That’s why we always say that slathering on SPF is much better than drenching your skin in tanning oil. 

The best medical-grade skincare allows you to slow down the clocks of time and reduce (or eliminate in some cases) conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and more!

“What about acne?”

Acne is a whole different ball game that requires a different approach to skin care. Instead of worsening with time (it actually tends to get better as you age), acne is affected by oil secretion and pore size. Basically, underlying factors such as stress, puberty, hormone changes, etc, cause the body to produce too much oil. That oil and other debris then gets trapped inside pores, leading to bacterial infections and pimples. 

Good thing there’s also medical-grade skincare specifically for acne! Medical-grade products target oil glands and bacteria while exfoliating dead skin cells to clear away acne and improve overall texture

But there are a ton of over-the-counter products that do the same thing… 

medical-grade skincare products

Correction. There are a ton of over-the-counter (OTC) products that claim to do the same thing. Don’t get us wrong; we aren’t saying that OTC skincare products don’t work. In fact, for some people they work just fine. But we are saying that if you want the best results, you’re going to need the best medical-grade skincare products of 2020. 

When comparing medical-grade and OTC products you’ll want to consider a few things:

  • Quality of active ingredients
  • Concentration of active ingredients
  • The clinical testing process

Quality of active ingredients

It’s no secret that the best medical-grade skincare of 2020 comes with super high-quality ingredients. They aren’t considered the best for nothing

Finding the right ingredients for products doesn’t come from luck. It takes years of research to discover new plants, analyze new compounds, and develop innovative formulas. Simply put, OTC products don’t put that much care into investing in ingredients. Usually, they depend on the research from medical-grade products to create a less potent version. That’s why medical-grade skincare is always at the forefront of the latest technology and ingredients.

A brand known for its ingredient research is Neocutis. Created by Swiss scientists, Neocutis develops new ingredients that do wonders for anti-aging. With their patented Processed Skin Cell Proteins (PSP®) and Micro Protein Complex, their products deliver state-of-the-art skin revitalization to help address the signs of aging including skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Concentration of active ingredients

We all know that ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinoid, and alpha-hydroxy acids are great to add to your daily skincare regime. The key, though, is how much of those ingredients are present. 

For instance, let’s consider hydroquinone (used in many medical-grade skincare products). Hydroquinone is a powerful ingredient used to treat hyperpigmentation, but it’s only as powerful as its concentration. OTC products can only have up to 2% of hydroquinone in their formulas. On the other hand, medical-grade products are allowed up to 5%. That’s more than a 50% increase, meaning you get better results at a faster rate. 

The clinical testing process

Here’s the thing many people don’t realize: OTC products do not require the same extreme testing as medical-grade products. That’s mainly because the concentration of active ingredients isn’t as high. As a result, some products make claims that haven’t been clinically proven. 

On the other hand, the best medical-grade skincare goes through years of testing to prove that what they say is going to happen actually happens. So when a label says something like, “will reduce fine lines and wrinkles,” you bet your bottom dollar tests have proved the product reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 

Our Top Picks: Best Medical-Grade Skincare of 2020

Here’s something you may not have known: we love skincare so much that we’ve created our own line of medical-grade products. So if you’re looking for the best medical-grade skincare products of 2020, look no further than your friends at AesthetiCare!

Specifically for anti-aging, our Age Reverse System fights against fine lines and wrinkles all while nourishing your skin with high-quality ingredients. 

Chamomile Facial Cleanser

medical-grade chamomile facial cleanser

This gentle cleanser is packed with chamomile essential oil, antioxidants, and peptides to soothe and hydrate normal to sensitive skin.


  • Replenishes moisture
  • Ideal for sensitive, post procedure, red or irritated skin
  • Contains no pore-clogging ingredients
  • Softens appearance of fine lines and helps smooth skin texture
  • Sulfate-free: formulated with non-irritating and non-comedogenic ingredients that don’t cause redness or acne breakouts

Featured ingredients

Algae peptides: This botanical extract from the Hawaiian sea produces a moisture surge as it firms and smoothes skin texture.

Chamomile and Grapefruit Seed and Ginger Essential Oils: These ultra-soothing botanicals calm and soothe your skin, helping reduce redness and irritation.

Panthenol: Vitamin B5, a skin conditioning nutrient that softens and smoothes.

C-STEM Concentrated Anti-Aging Serum

medical grade anti aging serum

Using lilac stem cells, vitamin C, and marine extracts, our anti-aging serum dramatically improves deeper lines, brightness, texture, and pore size. 


  • Lessens appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Shields skin from environmental toxins and free radicals
  • Reduces Progerin, the skin aging protein
  • Plumps skin appearance with hyaluronic acid boost
  • Lessens blackheads, breakouts, and improves pore appearance 
  • Brightens skin and evens skin tone 
  • Helps to calm redness and rosacea

Featured ingredients

Vitamin C (TetrahexyldecylAscorbate): Present at 3%, this antioxidant-rich, skin-brightening collagen booster is 8x stronger than L-ascorbic acid at collagen formation. It helps reverse sun damage by shielding from UVA and UVB rays.

Lilac Stem Cells: Reactivate youthful genes, lessen inflammation, lessen breakouts, minimize pore appearance, decrease pigmentation by tyrosinase inhibition, and fight free radicals.

Marine Algae Extracts: Gene modulator based on marine extracts proven to decrease the skin’s Progerin levels.

Undaria Algae Extract: Reactivates 14 genes that deactivate over time and with aging. These  genes are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Ultra Benefits Firming and Brightening Moisturizer

medical grade firming moisturizer

The Ultra Benefits® antioxidant moisturizer combines the strongest antioxidant, Lipochroman®, to help reverse and prevent visible aging changes. Peptides and brighteners also visibly improve appearance of lines, wrinkles, and age spots.


  • Strongest antioxidant Lipochroman® helps provide protection from UV and other pollutants that cause premature aging
  • Brightens skin and evens skin tone, making Ultra Benefits® an excellent moisturizer to help combat hyperpigmentation
  • Firms and hydrates skin with advanced peptides

Featured ingredients

Antioxidant Lipochroman®: High potency and strongest antioxidant on the market that protects the skin from oxygen and nitrogen free radical formation (no other antioxidants protect against nitrogen free radicals). Improves the appearance of skin aging changes, including wrinkles, uneven pigment, loss of elasticity, and skin redness.

Chromabright®: Advanced fade ingredient that decreases the appearance of uneven pigment and age spots while providing UVA, UVB, and HEV protection. Chromabright® is 50% more effective at skin brightening than kojic acid.

Firming Peptides: Sourced from the far reaches of Antarctica, these peptides strengthen collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet.

Questions to ask when visiting a skincare specialist

A skincare specialist can help you find the right medical-grade products for your skin; however, for the best results, you want to make sure you find the right specialist. To get you on the right path, here are some key questions you should ask a specialist. 

How much experience do you have?

Experience, experience, experience. It’s so important, yet people tend to look past it. Anytime you visit specialists, always ask how many years they have under their belt. That way you know they’re guiding you toward the right direction. 

What are the best products for my skin type?

If this question isn’t followed by more questions from your specialist, you may not get the answer you’re after. Here’s why: to find the best products for your skin type, a specialist has to understand your skin type. This happens through examination and further questions. Without extra information, a specialist clearly won’t have the tools needed to recommend the right products.

Why are you recommending these products?

Don’t just take recommendations at face value. When you ask why, you gain insight into the product ingredients and how they can benefit your skin. The question also opens the door for a specialist to prove how knowledgeable he or she is.

What kind of results can I expect?

You never want to expect a miracle, and a trustworthy skin care specialist in Milwaukee won’t try to sell you on one. At AesthetiCare, our specialists offer detailed information about how your skin will improve. We may even recommend aesthetic treatments (like Halo laser resurfacing) to really boost your results. 

Where to shop for the best medical-grade skincare products

AesthetiCare makes it easy to find all the best skincare products in one, easy place! Our online store is filled with top-notch brands, including our one-of-a-kind private label. Plus, we offer exclusive online-only specials to help you save money. 

Other than our AesthetiCare Signature product line, other brands featured in our online store include: 

  • Allergan
  • Avene
  • CLn
  • Colorescience
  • Endor
  • Neocutis
  • Omni
  • Tizo
  • Vivier
  • And more!

Every product we feature includes the highest quality ingredients to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. In addition, we also have an expert staff at our Liberty office who can help guide you along the way. Regardless of whether you’re shopping online or at our facility, we want you to know that your goals are our number one priority, so never be afraid to reach out!

Find the best medical-grade skincare products of 2020 at AesthetiCare today.

At AesthetiCare, skincare is what we do. We have a variety of the best medical-grade skincare products of 2020 to fight aging and reduce acne. Plus if you need help, our entire staff is dedicated to helping every single client look and feel their best every day. 

Along with skincare products, we offer different aesthetic treatments to get you closer to your skincare goals. Our services are more than skin deep. The relationships we build with every single client helps us understand their needs to better serve them; not to mention, we love meeting new people and hearing their stories!

Contact us or use our virtual consultation tool to tell us about your needs and schedule a free one-hour consultation. 

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