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Botox® in Kansas City

AesthetiCare offers Botox® in Kansas City for locals who are suffering from persistent wrinkles and fine lines.

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At AesthetiCare, we strive to show each individual client the ability to restore the look of their youthful skin. If you are a Kansas City local in need of a reliable Botox treatment, AesthetiCare is here to help. We have experience with fighting aging with Botox injections, as well as being witnesses to its effective results.

What areas can I treat with Botox in Kansas City?

Botox can be utilized in a range of areas on your body, but the most common places include the glabella (the area in between the eyebrows), the forehead, and crow’s feet. Botox, which consists of neurotoxins as purified proteins, works by blocking the nerve signals in your muscles that contract during facial expressions. These contracting muscles are a major contributor to the intensity and frequency of your wrinkles and fine lines. Utilizing Botox will temporarily decrease the effects of moderate to severe wrinkles

Why AesthetiCare Medical Spa?

AesthetiCare is proud to tell every client that we are a nationally recognized Botox treatment facility. Professionals in the Botox industry across North America regularly trust AesthetiCare with physicians and nurses who desire to acquire training in Botox injections. As a team of top-trained experts, you know that your needs will be handled with care.

If you are interested in learning more about AesthetiCare’s Botox in Kansas City, follow this link which explains the Botox process at our medical spa.

Are you ready to improve the appearance of your skin with Botox in Kansas City? Contact AesthetiCare today!

AesthetiCare offers two locations for clients to choose from in Leawood and Liberty. If you would like to schedule your appointment for Botox in Kansas City, fill out our contact form online. We also provide the hours, addresses, email, and phone number of the spas located in Leawood and Liberty.


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