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CoolSculpting and ZWave in Kansas City

Are you looking for a reliable, noninvasive fat reduction procedure? AesthetiCare Medical Spa is the only provider of CoolSculpting and ZWave in Kansas City.

coolsculpting kcIf your weight seems to resist every weight loss plan, regardless of your exercise routine and limited diet, AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers CoolSculpting and ZWave in Kansas City for those who constantly struggle with relentless weight gain. AesthetiCare is the only medical spa in the Kansas City area that integrates CoolSculpting and ZWave technology to provide a better, more accurate fat reduction procedure. Why would you go to any other provider that doesn’t go the extra mile to give you the results you need?

Why both CoolSculpting and ZWave?

CoolSculpting safely targets cells and makes them crystalized–frozen–where they will die. As time passes, your body will begin to naturally process these fat cells and eliminate them all together. Knowing that CoolSculpting is one of the leading noninvasive procedures for fat reduction, AesthetiCare sought out a way to make the results work faster and last longer. ZWave utilizes acoustic wave technology that increases the effects of CoolSculpting while decreasing swelling and discomfort.

The combination of CoolSculpting and ZWave is entirely nonsurgical, which means you are fully capable of resuming your daily lives after each treatment. Our treatment plans are completely custom and geared towards your personal weight goals. Worrying about your weight will be a part of your past thanks to CoolSculpting and ZWave in Kansas City.

To learn more about the CoolSculpting and ZWave procedure and the benefits of the treatment, feel free to follow this link now.

Lose your unwanted weight with CoolSculpting and ZWave in Kansas City! Call AesthetiCare today to schedule your first appointment.

AesthetiCare Medical Spa strives to provide reliable, quality care to every client. Click here to get in contact with us!

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