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Sculpt Your Thighs with Cellfina™ in Kansas City

Are you hesitant to wear shorts because of the appearance of your thighs? AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers a treatment to help you love your thighs with Cellfina™ in Kansas City!

celluliteAs the summer days get hotter, it is difficult to resist the cooling effect of wearing shorts. If you are stuck wearing your long pants because you are discouraged by your thighs, AesthetiCare Medical Spa has a solution for you via our new, minimally invasive, FDA-approved cellulite reduction treatment. Sculpt your thighs with Cellfina™ in Kansas City!

What is Cellfina™?

Cellfina is the newest FDA-approved cellulite reduction treatment that the medical industry is raving about! By using a small, needle-sized device, Cellfina works to cause tension to the tight bands that are woven throughout your body fat. Similar to a rubber band, once tension is caused to these bands, the bands will fray and release which can result in a more smooth appearance.

Unlike other cellulite treatments that require hospital stays and general anesthesia, Cellfina is performed in the relaxing environment at AesthetiCare Medical Spa. Cellfina does not require extra time off your daily schedule or a change in routine. Losing cellulite has never been so easy!

How often do I need to have the Cellfina treatment done?

Cellfina is a one-of-a-kind procedure due to its relatively short treatment time that has long-lasting results of up to 3 years! After a single 45 minute appointment, you are one step closer to attaining the look you will love!

If you are interested in learning more about Cellfina at AesthetiCare Medical Spa, click here now.

Get ready to break out your summer shorts! AesthetiCare Medical Spa can help you sculpt your thighs with Cellfina in Kansas City!

Our team can’t wait to demonstrate how Cellfina can improve the appearance of your thighs. Schedule your appointment for Cellfina at AesthetiCare Medical Spa by following this link.

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