Jenny Matthews Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are almost here! Before we know it, snow will be on the ground, and presents will be under the tree.

Are you ready for the snow? After all, the harsh winter cold can be a cruel chronicle of truth for our skin – revealing every last sunspot, blackhead and blemish.

Luckily, AesthetiCare has all the treatments to transform your skin and correct damage done by the sun, air pollutants and other irritants.

In fact, Jenny Matthews, local radio personality from Q104 KC, came to AesthetiCare in the hopes of transforming her skin and improving other areas of her health.

In preparation for the holiday season, Jenny Matthews is teaming up with KC’s Holiday Boutique and will be available to answer questions about all her AesthetiCare treatments.

SPOILER ALERT: Keep reading and you’ll find our gift to you – savings on your Holiday Boutique admission!

Jenny’s top three treatments were the HALO laser, BBL treatment and an Emsella/diVa Laser combo, which Kathy Taranto and Jenny discuss briefly in the video below.

Interested in learning more about Jenny’s favorites? Keep reading!

Overcome Intimate Concerns With Emsella and diVa

diVa Laser

The diVa laser treatment is the world’s most advanced vaginal rejuvenation laser that works to provide swift relief from vaginal discomfort and urinary incontinence (the sudden loss of bladder control).

In addition to urinary incontinence, the diVa laser also treats vaginal laxity, painful intercourse and lack of natural lubricant.

Emsella Treatment

Emsella is an AesthetiCare non-invasive treatment that can drastically increase the sexual experience for both men and women. Emsella helps you reclaim your confidence by treating the following issues:

–       Pelvic floor muscle weakness

–       Urinary urgency

–       Urinary leakage

–       Urinary frequency

–       Sexual health

According to Kathy Taranto of AesthetiCare, diVa and Emsella work especially well together. Emsella is a process that works the muscles, forcing your body to engage in thousands of Kegel exercises to rebuild the pelvic floor. The diVa laser treatment is an actual device that is inserted into the vagina for two to three minutes, rotating and treating the vaginal tissue.

Jenny’s Thoughts

“This procedure has completely changed my bladder!”

It’s important to note that treatments are tailored to each client, so if you choose to do Emsella and diVa, it’s possible your treatment series will differ from Jenny’s because everyone is different. 

Jenny did one series of Emsella treatments and then two diVa laser treatments to achieve her desired results.

But first, a little background: After Jenny’s second pregnancy, things changed. Suddenly she was having to get up three to four times per night to use the bathroom.

“No one tells you! I feel like women don’t talk about so many things that we all go through. After I had two kids, things changed for sure!”

Getting up in the middle of the night when you’re a radio personality and need to roll out of bed at four in the morning for work – NOT IDEAL.

But after treating her body with Emsella and the diVa laser, it’s now a rare occasion if Jenny needs to get up at all during the night! 

She was rather terrified of everything at first, but after her Emsella treatment, she said it couldn’t have been easier.

“All you do is sit in a chair with your clothes on for 30 minutes!”

Be sure to take a good book with you to your appointment, because Jenny said the treatment was so easy that she scrolled her Facebook feed, read a bit and even handled some business while it was going on!

Jenny also stresses that both Emsella and the diVa laser were a piece of cake and pain-free. In fact, she attributed her unbelievable comfort and ease with these treatments to AesthetiCare’s awesome staff! She said she felt as if every nurse she encountered was her new best friend due to the intimate nature of the procedures. And they all made it so easy.

Jenny says that even though she saw results with the Emsella, it was the diVa laser treatment that took it over the top for her.

Jenny is still in awe that the Emsella/diVa combo made such a world of difference in her body.

“diVa was the real game changer!”

Rejuvenate Your Skin With the HALO laser

AesthetiCare is the world’s #1 provider for the HALO laser, being awarded not only the highest level of Diamond but also #1 in treatments performed nationwide.

The world’s first and only hybrid fractional laser, HALO uses a combination of wavelengths to repair sun damage, enlarged pores, poor texture and uneven skin tone.

Jenny’s Thoughts

“I feel like HALO is the gift that keeps on giving.” 

Jenny shares that when it came to the HALO laser, she was a little nervous because it’s a more intense procedure.

She found solace, however, in the fact that she knew exactly what to expect because of the consultation with her nurse. She loved that there were no surprises, which is one of the standout qualities she extols about AesthetiCare.

She also didn’t find the HALO recovery to be bad at all. In fact, she found her skin kept getting better and better week after week!

So, while Jenny may not be from the block, she did feel  like she had a little bit of that J-Lo glow for herself, courtesy of HALO!

Remain Forever Young With BBL Laser Treatment

BBL laser treatment (broadband light) is a process that involves laser light energy to stimulate new collagen production in the skin.

The goal is to diminish the look of sun damage, freckles, wrinkles, age spots and much more to reveal firmer, smoother and visibly even skin.

Often, AesthetiCare combines the BBL and HALO laser technologies. It’s an amazing treatment for someone who has sun-damaged skin, texture they don’t like or fine lines and wrinkles.

Jenny, however, did the BBL laser first, followed by the HALO laser.

SIDE NOTE: After Jenny posted about her experience with BBL, the buzz created so many questions! The answers to those questions can be found in the video here, featuring Jenny Matthews and Nurse Amy from AesthetiCare.

Jenny’s Thoughts

“I think BBL is the biggest wow factor.” 

When asked what her all-time favorite treatment was, Jenny responded with the BBL laser. She  found the BBL laser treatment to be a huge wow factor because of the unbelievable results!

For so long, Jenny lived with brown spots on her face from years of sun damage. She thought nothing was ever going to make it better. She was ready to just live with it and buy a thicker foundation, but who wants to wear all that makeup?!

Altogether, Jenny did a series of three BBL laser treatments. It was following her first treatment that she saw the most dramatic difference.

“I just feel like if it was one of those things I knew about a long time ago, I would’ve totally done it.” 

Jenny’s Favorite Products

Using quality skin care products following cosmetic procedures will give you the best possible results. Jenny shared with us three of her favorite products that have helped keep her skin looking beautifully radiant following cosmetic treatments:

Neocutis – Lumière Firm Illuminating & Tightening Eye Cream: This is a great product for all the mamas out there trying to hide those dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. The skin around the eyes loses laxity fast, but by using a proactive serum like this, you’ll slow down the aging process significantly.

Skinbetter – AlphaRet Overnight Cream: A retinoid-based product, this overnight cream locks in moisture to combat dryness and improves overall skin texture.

Skinbetter – Alto Defense Serum: Another product meant to slow the aging process, this serum delivers daily antioxidant protection and defends your skin from harsh environmental pollutants.

Jenny Matthews at Holiday Boutique

“I’m an open book!”


If you attend KC’s Holiday Boutique, seek out Jenny and ask her anything you’d like about Emsella, diVa, HALO, BBL or her favorite products. Jenny encourages anyone who has questions to reach out!

Click here and use the online  code CARE for $3 off your admission! 

She will also be giving out a $100 AesthetiCare gift card* at the Holiday Boutique, so come on out and kick-start your holiday shopping with AesthetiCare!

After Jenny’s AesthetiCare journey, she is finally proud of her skin. Never in a million years did she think she would say that, but her new and healthy skin has been an amazing confidence booster.

“It’s obvious that everyone is so thoroughly trained here, so have the confidence and know that you’re absolutely going to the best place. I can’t say enough about it!”

Thank you, Jenny Matthews, for sharing your AesthetiCare journey!

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