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Omni Bioceutical Products

Written by: AesthetiCare’s Jennifer Kennedy, LE

Omni Bioceutical Products

Jennifer – AC Aesthetician

AesthetiCare is proud to carry the Omni Bioceutical Innovation product line to help in skin recovery and everyday skin health of our clients. 

Omni is one of my go-to products, both professionally and as a take home option.  I use Omni’s Core Recovery Complex post procedure to give my clients a recovery with very little downtime.  In addition, I send them home with Omni’s facial serum, so they have everything they need to continue receiving the benefit of Omni’s patented growth factor and delivery molecule (M-007).  

M-007® is a target-specific molecular delivery system that can enhance the bioactivity of most ingredients placed into it. It is capable of absorbing 300 times its own weight without growing in size, thereby delivering its passengers — our quality ingredients — closer to their destination beneath the surface.

When I can give my clients a product like Omni, with the science behind it  to back it up,  it becomes very easy.  Omni wins out every time!


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