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Premier Cellulite Treatment in Kansas City

Do you have imperfections in your skin due to cellulite? Schedule an appointment with AesthetiCare Medical Spa for our premier cellulite treatment in Kansas City!

AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers clients a way to treat your problem areas that are affected by unwanted, stubborn cellulite via our premier cellulite treatment in Kansas City. Cellfina™, an effective FDA-approved, minimally invasive treatment works to free you of cellulite-related insecurities. Stop worrying about the way your cellulite looks and embrace your new, smoother skin today!

How does Cellfina™ work?Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.00.23 AM

Cellulite is caused by tight bands woven in the fat in your thigh and buttocks area. When these tight bands pull down on your skin, it gives the skin an unflattering rippled look. Cellfina decreases the appearance of imperfections due to cellulite in your skin with a small, needle-sized device used in the surface of your skin. This device causes tension to the tight bands to encourage them to release and smooth out, similar to a rubber band.

With just one treatment of approximately 45 minutes, you can have a long-term decrease in cellulite. According to the FDA, the results of Cellfina can last up to 3 years! Why use unreliable, unproven methods for cellulite when Cellfina is exactly what you need?

What can I expect during my appointment for AesthetiCare’s premier cellulite treatment in Kansas City?

When clients come to AesthetiCare Medical Spa for Cellfina, we strive to ensure that their needs and concerns are met prior to treatment. At AesthetiCare, you are treated in the spa without the impersonal, stressful experience of attending a hospital and paying for expensive general anesthesia.

If you are looking for a premier cellulite treatment in Kansas City, learn more about AesthethiCare’s Cellfina today.

Kick cellulite to the curb today. AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers Cellfina™, a premier cellulite treatment in Kansas City!

*Results may vary

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