Ardeth Arman

Nurse , RN, BSN, MS

Fun Fact

While not at work Ardeth really enjoys traveling abroad and spending time with her large extended family living here in KC…Ardeth’s husband and four children, Lydia, Austin, Allison and Audrey also keep her really busy.


Ardeth started her nursing career as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse working five years with fragile infants and their families. In 2006 Ardeth transitioned to an independent clinical setting performing the technical and meticulous art of Sclerotherapy and is now a National Trainer for Sclerotherapy. In addition to her specialty of Sclerotherapy, Ardeth’s additional training includes PALETTE Facial Aesthetic Training for Injectable Agents and extensive laser training. In addition, Ardeth was awarded the Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS) an advanced certification validating her specialty knowledge through a rigorous national examination. Ardeth has been extensively trained for many of the multiple treatments offered by Aestheticare.


Ardeth’s patients value her honestly, compassion and attention to detail as well as her ability to relate to them individually by offering understanding and comfort. Ardeth has a passion for excellence and a genuine heart for her clients. The sole focus of Ardeths’s nursing career has been articulated and expressed with the belief that even small positive changes can often dramatically improve the quality of life. Ardeth is very passionate about those treatments that are empowering for her clients…that her clients consider to be “Game Changers.” These treatments bring the highest satisfaction and joy for Ardeth as she gets to experience that process of change with her clients.

Hear from Ardeth's clients!

Botox / Dysport

"A nice tight forehead!

Great service and I was in and out quickly!"

Halo Laser

The texture & overall "clearness" of my face.
Ardeth's knowledge & patience (with a neurotic person like me) are awesome! Her customer service post-treatment was also exemplary!

diVa Laser

My nurse was so kind, gentle, and explained everything she was doing. She made me feel so comfortable in a not so comfortable procedure. I will definitely be back.

March 13, 2019


Ardeth is amazing! So good at what she does and so sweet! [Single best thing is...] The improvement of how my legs look

April 12, 2019


Ardeth is the best professional. She treats what is necessary and what I want done. I appreciate so much that she "suggests" but doesn't push. I have dealt with that kind of situation before (not here), but I don't appreciate it. Botox works for me and I love the result. Ardeth knows exactly where to inject.

May 20, 2019