Karen Cobb

Director of Marketing

Fun Fact

Steve Harvey tried to set her up on a date and failed.  Karen was featured as a guest on the Steve Harvey Show as a bachelorette to try and find love on Tinder.  Although that love story came up short, she did meet her husband through the app (he’s also the reason she moved to Kansas City!)


50% graphic design – 50% marketing, but yet somehow still 100% FUN. With a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, Karen is able to fully execute projects from creative inception to finish. Skills include: being a team player, dedicated marketing consultant, fresh ideas, creating memes to make you LOL, positive attitude and making new connections. Karen originates from Milwaukee, Wisconsin — so if you’re into beer and cheese, you’ve already won her over!


In her free time Karen enjoys fitness dance classes, finding binge worthy TV and discovering new and exciting Kansas City treats.