Laurie Morrissey

External Marketing Coordinator

Fun Fact

Laurie and her husband Rob were on TLC’s The Wedding Story 20 years ago.


With over twenty years of experience in marketing, advertising, and public relations, Laurie has built a strong foundation and continuously changes as the marketing industry is shaped. She knows the Kansas City market like the back of her hand and uses this knowledge to deliver innovative ideas to position her clients as experts within their designated industry. Specializing in advertising, social media engagement, public relations, consulting and strategizing, branding, business development, and fundraising/event planning, she is profoundly equipped to handle both small and large marketing needs.


A graduate from the University of Kansas with a degree in Journalism, Morrissey is originally from Omaha, but now resides in Prairie Village with her husband, three kids, and dog. She is a passionate wife, mother, and businesswoman, dedicated to serving others with loyalty and success. She looks forward to making fun memories with her family and best friends through travel, quality time together and weekend impromptu dance parties.