What I Learned at CoolSculpting University

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Written by: AesthetiCare’s Krissy Ward, LE

What I Learned at CoolSculpting University

At AesthetiCare, we are dedicated to providing our clients the safest and most-effective treatment possible, which we achieve through ongoing trainings on procedures and best-practices. As a CoolSculpting provider at AesthetiCare, we are all required to attend a training program called CoolSculpting University to get hands-on training with experts. CoolSculpting University is a comprehensive 3-day training program offering CoolSculpting providers a one-of-a-kind training to help them succeed in their practices. Prior to attending CoolSculpting University, providers are required to complete online training modules that cover best-practices, clinical considerations, and other basics to build a strong foundation before attending the 3-day intensive.

Earlier this year, I had the honor of completing my training and attending CoolSculpting University at the beautiful Zeltiq Headquarters in Pleasanton, California. Over the 3 days, I learned everything from the history of CoolSculpting to how to succeed as a CoolSculpting provider through marketing and events, and everything in between. Here are a few things I learned from the training:

CoolSculpting History and Cryolipolysis:

Yes – it all started with a popsicle. Years ago, Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Dieter Manstein at the Harvard School of Medicine observed that children who frequently ate popsicles were prone to fat loss in their cheeks. Upon further study, they discovered that the fat loss was caused by an inflammation of the fat cells due to extended exposure to freezing temperatures from the popsicles they were eating. This phenomenon, called “popsicle panniculitis” paved the way for the creation of Cryolipolysis — or fat freezing, which is the basis of CoolSculpting technology. Using the targeted application of cold to lower the tissue temperature to about 40 degrees, causes 20-35% of the targeted fat cells to die without harming nearby organs or skin. The Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Cryolipolysis, or CoolSculpting, as a non-invasive form of body sculpting on subcutaneous fat in 2010 and it is offered in thousands of clinics nationwide today.

The CoolSculpting machines have, of course, gone through a few changes over the years. The original design featured plates that would pressed and freeze the fat from two sides. This worked pretty well, but didn’t allow for even cooling of the targeted area since the cold was only applied on the sides. AesthetiCare has all of the newest CoolSculpting applicators, most of which feature a cooling cup with suction that draws the targeted fat into the applicator and then evenly freezes it throughout. This allows for more consistent results and is also FDA cleared to help with skin tightening.

Patient Photography:

We’ve all heard “muscle weighs more than fat” and it’s absolutely true. It’s for this reason that when you receive a CoolSculpting treatment on an area of fat, you won’t notice a change on the scale. CoolSculpting results are mostly seen visually, which is why it is so important to take quality before and after photos.
We were given tips and tricks on how to take consistent photos in order to capture compelling patient imagery for patient satisfaction and marketing use. One of the biggest red flags in before and after photography is inconsistencies in clothing and lighting. This immediately creates a distrust of the viewer since they can’t tell if there is a real change, or the subject is just wearing looser clothing. At AesthetiCare, we try our best to follow CoolSculpting best-practices by keeping everything as consistent as possible, such as the background, lighting, garments worn, and the angle at which the photo is taken. This allows for the results to speak for themselves.

Hands on Training:

Personally, my favorite part of CoolSculpting University was the hands-on training we got with the CoolSculpting experts. We were broken up into small groups that were rotated through several training rooms, each with a different CoolSculpting attachments and areas of focus. Once in the rooms, we would assess the model’s area of concern, plan their treatment, and then practice attaching the applicators. Each room had a different expert to guide us through the treatment and ensure we were doing it correctly. They shared all kinds of tips and tricks that they had either learned themselves over the years or picked up from other clinics who had shared their experience with them through CoolSculpting University. It was wonderful to get hands-on with the machines and with real patients so there is less hesitation when it comes to treating real clients with one of the many different styles and sizes of applicators.
My entire experience at CoolSculpting University was fantastic. From the beautiful location and the knowledge I gained, to the connections I made with other providers from across the U.S. and Canada, it was hands-down one of the best trainings I have attended.

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