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When is the best time to get laser treatment?

One of the biggest drawbacks with lasers is that they can leave your skin sensitive to the sun after treatment, making fall and winter the BEST time to get laser treatment. 

Why fall or winter is the best time to get laser treatment 

Less sun exposure

With any laser procedure, we will always tell you to protect your skin and stay out of the sun afterward. This is because your skin is in its healing process and is especially susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays. 

How lasers rejuvenate your skin is through precise, controlled injuries that kickstart the healing process, which produces more collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the main components of healthy, smooth, and plump skin, A.K.A. how your skin rejuvenates! You don’t want to disrupt this process with sun exposure.

All of this is to say, it’s much easier to avoid sun exposure or damage when the sun is much less powerful in the fall and winter months! 

It boils down to science: the sun is less harsh in the northern hemisphere during these months because of the tilt of the Earth’s axis 🌎 During spring and summer, North America is tilted toward the sun, and in the fall and winter, it’s tilted away, making the days colder and shorter, and sunlight is less powerful. This is a win for your skin’s recovery from laser treatments!

Easier to cover your skin

Since laser skin resurfacing isn’t limited to your face, you may receive it on other areas of the body that are easy to cover with clothing to protect it while it heals! 

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Say you’re getting laser hair removal—a type of laser skin resurfacing. If it’s during the summer, you probably don’t want to spend your days inside wearing full length pants to protect your skin 🙃 Our clients find it way easier when it’s cooler outside to wear protective clothing over their treatment areas like the arms, chest, and other spots while their laser  treatments heal.

Healing that doesn’t disrupt your routine

Since it’s pretty difficult to avoid the sun or wear long sleeves, etc. during spring and summer, you might feel like your laser skin resurfacing treatment will totally disrupt your routine. You shouldn’t have to worry about ultra-sensitive skin when you want to meet the gals for patio happy hour! 🌞 

If you get your laser treatments in the winter, you can rest easy knowing that you can wear the right attire to protect your skin and won’t be as susceptible to a sunburn, though we always recommend SPF!

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