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Decrease Cellulite’s Appearance with Cellfina™ in Kansas City!

Are you fighting with persistent cellulite? Ask the team at AesthetiCare Medical Spa how you can decrease the appearance of your cellulite with Cellfina™.

before and after cellfina in kansas cityWhen you look at your thighs, are you wishing that your skin was tighter and more youthful looking? If you are fed up with the appearance of your skin due to cellulite, AesthetiCare Medical Spa is now one of two providers in the Kansas City Metro area that offers this innovative procedure to decrease cellulite’s appearance with Cellfina™ in Kansas City. Don’t delay, contact AesthetiCare today!

How do I decrease my cellulite with Cellfina in Kansas City?

Cellfina, an FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure utilizes a small needle-sized device that targets the tight bands in your thighs and buttocks that are the cause of your cellulite imperfections. Much like a rubber band, Cellfina generates tension to these bands, then allows the bands to release, leaving your skin with a more smooth appearance.

Will I need to take time off of my daily routine because of my procedure?

Because Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure that typically lasts around 45 minutes, Cellfina does not require anesthesia or an operating room. This means you will not be required to take a break from your schedule. However, some clients do experience mild side effects such as tenderness, soreness, and bruising on or near the treated area. These side effects should only be temporary and will fade with time. We recommend that each client listens to their body and adjusts their routine accordingly.

If at any time following your procedure you are concerned about your healing, please do not hesitate to contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa during our hours of operation to speak with a medical professional. You can find our contact information here.

Why are you fighting a battle you could easily win? Decrease the appearance of your cellulite with Cellfina in Kansas City at AesthetiCare Medical Spa!

*Results may vary

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