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Decrease Wrinkles with Botox® in Kansas City

Are you suffering from an increase in wrinkles due to aging? Decrease wrinkles with Botox® in Kansas City today!

botox in kansas cityDo you struggle with wrinkles in your glabella (area between the eyebrows), crow’s feet (area by the eyes), or forehead? AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers Botox® treatments for those who desire a more fresh, youthful look. At AesthetiCare, we acknowledge the importance of loving the skin you are in. If you are ready to take your first step towards having skin you can be proud of, start by utilizing our treatment to decrease wrinkles with Botox in Kansas City!

What is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin made up of purified proteins used to block nerve signals to the muscles that contract during facial expressions. When you use your facial expressions throughout the day, your muscles will contract which can result in wrinkles via lines and folds on the skin’s surface. By blocking these nerve signals, Botox keeps you looking radiant while decreasing the chances of developing wrinkles.

What can I expect during my Botox treatment?

The AesthetiCare team will sit down with you to discuss every question and concern that comes to mind regarding Botox. Our goal is to ensure that you are informed and completely comfortable with our professional team. As a national training center for physicians and nurses for Botox injections, you will be handled with the care and expertise you deserve.

Contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa to schedule an appointment for effective treatment to decrease wrinkles with Botox® in Kansas City today!

AesthetiCare has locations in Leawood and Lawrence to accommodate the needs of clients. If you are ready to schedule your first appointment for Botox, do not hesitate to call AesthetiCare at any time during operating hours. To view a full list of hours, locations and contact information, click here.

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