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Everything You Should Know About How to Get Toned Arms and Legs in Kansas City

What do tank tops, swimsuits, and summer dresses have in common? They all put your arms and legs on full display. So it’s no surprise that many people sift through the internet to figure out how to get toned arms and legs.

Let the search end here. 

At AesthetiCare, we’ve found a solution that can tone your arms and legs without invasive surgeries, excruciating gym programs, or odd-looking implants. 

“What is it?” 

Easy. The answer starts with “em” and ends with “sculpt.”

 Emsculpt is an innovative treatment that stimulates muscle contractions to help you shape and contour the muscles in your arms and legs, meaning you gain real results faster than lifting weights at the gym

As the only provider of Emsculpt for arms and legs in Kansas City, we know a thing or two about getting your arms and legs tight and toned before all your pics this summer.

Keep reading to learn more about Emsculpt and how to tone your arms and legs to prepare for summer. 

Pumping it up: How your body builds muscle

how to get toned arms

It’s no secret that muscles play a crucial role in the appearance of toned arms and legs. You need muscle definition to get that sculpted look you’re after. 

To learn how to get toned arms and legs, first let’s talk about the muscles in your arms. For the sake of this blog, we’ll only talk about a few muscles that have a huge influence on the way your arm looks and functions. 

Biceps brachii: Your biceps are a double-headed muscle that extend from your shoulder to your forearm. They’re important for flexing and extension. 

Triceps brachii: Fun fact—the triceps are the largest muscle in your arms. They extend down the back of your arm opposite to your biceps. 

Brachioradialis: Many people don’t realize that a toned forearm is just as important as a toned upper arm. Your brachioradialis sits at the top of your forearm. It allows you to rotate your arm and flex your elbow. 

Extensor carpi radialis longus: We wish we had a simpler name for this, but the extensor carpi radialis longus helps to move your wrist. If you’re not sure where to find it, just clench your fist, and it’s the muscle that bulges in your forearm. 

Deltoid: The deltoid is what you probably know as the shoulder muscle. A strong deltoid helps your arms have a more overall toned appearance. 

So now that you know some of the muscles in your arms, it’s time to talk about muscle growth and exactly how to get toned arms.

Whenever you lift weights or do any kind of resistance training, you create microscopic tears in the muscles (hello, sore muscles). These tears are the start of building muscle. As your body rebuilds the muscle, it discards old tissue and replaces it with new tissue with the help of protein. 

This cellular process bands muscle fibers together to create new myofibrils (muscle protein strands). Repaired myofibrils increase in thickness and size, making the muscle larger and stronger. 

The relationship between burning fat and building muscle

There are two main components that determine how toned your arms look—fat and muscle. Regardless of whether you can see it or not, your arms do have muscle. The issue comes from layers of fatty tissue concealing your muscle definition

So how can you get toned arms and burn fat? 

Well, your muscles do the work for you. However, keep in mind that despite popular belief, muscles themselves don’t burn fat. Hold on, hold on—we’ll explain.

Your muscles need energy to produce contractions (contractions + muscle repair = growth). Muscles get that energy from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and glycogen. Glycogen, also known as glucose, is the stored form of carbohydrates in your muscles. 

To get that energy, your body has to convert fat into glucose in a process called gluconeogenesis. So although your muscles don’t burn fat, gaining more muscle does increase your metabolism. That means you’ll burn more calories (during workouts and resting periods), which ultimately leads to fat loss. 

Think about it: even daily activities like carrying groceries and running around with the kiddos become bigger calorie burners as you build more muscle. 

Oh, but there’s more. 

Increasing muscle mass also improves something called “nutrition partitioning.” Here’s how nutrition partitioning works: as you tone your muscles (from lifting or Emsculpt), your body is more likely to use the food you eat to maintain your muscles rather than storing it into fat. 

Cue in: Emsculpt for arms and legs

There was once a time when Emsculpt was mainly for your abs and glutes, but now it works great to shape your arms and legs too! We are excited to say that AesthetiCare is currently the only provider with the Emsculpt machine attachment that allows us to tone your arms and legs—in the entire Kansas City area! So if you’re wondering how to get toned arms and legs, Emsculpt may be your perfect solution. 

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Before you can understand exactly how Emsculpt can tone arms and legs, you’ll need to understand different types of muscular contractions. During voluntary contractions (like when you’re working out), your muscles relax in between each nervous stimuli. This is because your central nervous system can’t spark another contraction while one is still going. These are called maximal voluntary contractions (MVCs). 

Think of MVCs as a series of hills that spike up after a nerve impulse then go back down to rest. 

Independent from MVCs are supramaximal contractions, which are more intense and take away the rest period. Unlike MVCs, which only last for a split second, supramaximal contractions hold for a few seconds, forcing muscles to adapt to the added stress. Because of this, supramaximal contracts can achieve faster results in less time. 

“But I can’t do them myself?”

No, you can’t. But don’t let that get you down—here’s where Emsculpt comes in.

Using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) field technology, Emsculpt induces up to 20,000 supramaximal contractions per 30-minute session! When used to get toned arms, the technology forces your arm muscles to remodel their structure. This can include creating new protein strands to increase muscle density and volume. 

As a bonus, the supramaximal stimulus sends signals to the brain that it needs more energy to supply the contractions. Remember, your body can use fat to get energy. Therefore, Emsculpt can help you tone your arms, which may lead to more fat burning in the future (especially if you keep up a resistance training regime). 

If you really want to learn how to get toned arms and legs, look into combining your Emsculpt treatment with CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis to target, freeze, and kill fat cells once and for all

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Bonus: Emsculpt for calf muscles

What’s a toned arm without an equally toned calf? All too often, people go to the gym and focus on their arm, abs, thighs, and glutes, leaving the calf muscles far behind. Other times, people spend countless hours doing calf raises and incline walks to no avail (sigh). That’s why we think learning how to get toned arms goes perfectly with learning how to get toned calves.

“So Emsculpt works on calves too?”

You bet it does! With the new handpiece, Emsculpt blasts those calf muscles so that you’re toned from head to toe. Keep in mind the calf muscle isn’t just one singular muscle—technically there are two. 

Gastrocnemius: The gastrocnemius is the larger muscle that most people recognize as the calf. It has two “heads” that create a diamond(ish) shape starting from the back of your knee.

Soleus: The soleus is a smaller, flat muscle that lies just underneath the gastrocnemius, so it’s not a muscle that you can see.

With the help of supramaximal contractions, Emsculpt can target those two muscles to give your legs a firmer, more shaped look. 

What to expect during an Emsculpt treatment at AesthetiCare KC

emsculpt for arms in Kansas City

We’ll let you in on a little secret (though it’s not actually a secret)—Emsculpt is 100% noninvasive. So yes, you can get toned arms and legs without dealing with the hassle of surgery or needles. Plus, unlike other procedures that use implants, you’re toning your actual muscles. No surgery and real results? We’d call that a win-win situation

When you get Emsculpt in Kansas City at AesthetiCare, our easy five-step process makes achieving toned arms and legs quicker than ever. 

Step one: Consultation

Before we do anything, we’ll meet with you for a free consultation. During that time, we’ll examine your body to make sure that Emsculpt is right for you. We’ll also go more in-depth about the procedure and talk to you about your short-term and long-term aesthetic goals. 

We want our clients to realize that you have to have realistic goals when it comes to toning your arms with Emsculpt. You aren’t going to get ripped, especially if you have a lot of excess fat in the area. Emsculpt enhances the look of your arms; it doesn’t completely change their appearance. 

When figuring out how to get toned arms in Kansas City, it’s always best to speak to a professional to make sure your goals align with what Emsculpt can achieve.

Step two: Body Assessment 

On the day of your first treatment, we’ll do an in-depth analysis of your body, including your arms and any other area you want to treat. During your assessment, we’ll take a collection of medical-grade photos and create a body composition report. 

Step three: Make Yourself Comfortable

We want you to feel like you’re at home, from the moment you arrive at our Leawood medical spa to starting your Emsculpt treatment. You’ll lie face up on our comfortable treatment table and have the freedom to relax, read a magazine, or meditate (you do you!). If you have any discomfort, don’t be afraid to let us know. Our number one priority is that you have the best aesthetic experience in Kansas City. 

Step four: Attach the Panels 

We’ll place the Emsculpt panels around your clean, bare, and dry skin. This allows the electromagnetic field to safely trigger contractions in your arm muscles. 

Step five: Customized Treatment

At AesthetiCare, we don’t believe in giving the same treatment to every client. Why would we? Everyone (and every body) is different, so we couldn’t pride ourselves on offering the best Emsculpt treatments for arms in Kansas City if we didn’t cater them to each person. 

Based on the results of your body assessment, we’ll cater the contraction strength to your unique needs. We start at a low level (usually 15%), then slowly increase the intensity based on your tolerance. After more treatments, you’ll be able to handle a higher intensity. 

Each treatment is about 30 minutes, and for the best results, you may need 4 to 6 treatments spaced 2 to 5 days apart. 

Schedule your Emsculpt treatment at AesthetiCare today. 

At AesthetiCare, our Emsculpt treatment goes beyond our expertise. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping every single client learn how to get toned arms to look and feel better.

Our services are more than skin deep. The relationships we build with every single client helps us understand their needs to better serve them; not to mention, we love meeting new people and hearing their stories!

Contact us or use our virtual consultation tool to tell us about your needs and schedule a free one-hour consultation for toning your arms with our Emsculpt device.

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