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Reduce Crow’s Feet with Botox® Treatments in Kansas City

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Do you feel like you’ve tried almost every home remedy to get rid of your crow’s feet? These groups of small wrinkles and lines form around the outside corners of our eyes while we age. Also known as “laugh lines,”, the appearance of crow’s feet can vary greatly from person to person. If you have moderate crow’s feet, you may have already tried several at-home treatments. For many individuals, no amount of creams, vitamins, oils, or other “kitchen cabinet” items will remove or reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. Luckily, there is a well-researched, safe, and effective solution to reduce crow’s feet: Botox.

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AesthetiCare is committed to providing the Kansas City area with effective skin treatments, performed by a highly trained staff. AesthetiCare specializes in Botox treatments in Kansas City, and is even a national training center for Botox, laser treatments, dermal fillers, and other aesthetics.

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How can Botox treatments in Kansas City reduce my crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet are a common problem area for fine lines and wrinkles, and Botox is frequently used around the eyes to temporarily reduce crow’s feet. Botox (along with Dysport and Xeomin) is a neurotoxin that helps prevent specific facial muscles from contracting during facial expressions. This keeps the lines and wrinkles above the muscles from forming.

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