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Shrink Cellulite with Cellfina™

IMG_2112If you struggle with unnecessary cellulite in your thighs or buttocks, it is time to shrink cellulite with Cellfina™!

The summer days are getting hotter, which means a rise in ice cold beverages, tank tops, and even the dreaded summer shorts. Summer shorts can be intimidating if you are insecure about the way your thighs and buttocks look. Why waste the summer season wearing clothes that are unflattering and too restrictive? AesthetiCare Medical Spa makes it easy for you to kick those stubborn, unwanted ripples to the curb and shrink cellulite with Cellfina™!

How to shrink cellulite with Cellfina™

Cellulite does not have to be a permanent source of your lack of confidence. AesthetiCare Medical Spa is proud to offer clients an effective treatment that is designed to target the root of your cellulite issues and decrease the appearance of dimples in your skin. Cellfina, AesthetiCare’s new cellulite treatment, achieves better looking skin by bringing tension to the tight bands that cause imperfections and allows them to release. These tight bands are woven underneath the surface of the skin and pull down, which results in ripples. Once released, your skin will have a decrease in ripples and an increase in smooth appearances.

Cellfina is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive, one time treatment for cellulite. This treatment is performed by our professional, experienced staff in our medical spa allowing you to be completely at ease. Cellfina has many benefits and very little side effects. Cellfina’s side effects can include soreness, tenderness, and bruising at the treated area but many clients experience relief quickly. When you leave AesthetiCare Medical Spa after your Cellfina appointment, you will be confident knowing that the days of enduring cellulite are coming to an end.

Interested in learning more about Cellfina and what it can do for you? Follow this link to discover additional details.

Shrink cellulite with Cellfina™ today. Call AesthetiCare Medical Spa to schedule an appointment!

*Results may vary

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