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Trim Unwanted Fat with CoolSculpting in Kansas City

Get that slender look you’ve always dreamed of. Trim unwanted fat with CoolSculpting in Kansas City!

9912911_GSometimes fat can be unrelenting and make you feel self-conscious. If you are looking to achieve a more slender look, begin your journey to a more sculpted you. AesthetiCare Medical Spa offers clients a fat reducing treatment that is designed to give them the body shape they have worked hard for. For those who have difficulty utilizing harmful diets and extreme exercise to lose weight, trim unwanted fat with CoolSculpting in Kansas City!

Is CoolSculpting FDA-approved?

Absolutely! CoolSculpting became FDA-approved in 2010 and since then have provided clients with a quality and reliable source of fat reduction. CoolSculpting works by crystalizing, or freezing, fat cells. When your fat cells are frozen, they begin to die and be processed. Over time, your body will naturally process these unwanted fat cells before they affect the shape of your body. This means that your body will continue to look slim and trim.

In addition, AesthetiCare utilizes the power of ZWave technology. As the only clinic to use this integrative technology with CoolSculpting, AesthetiCare’s clients receive quicker results with less swelling and less total number of appointments. Learn more about CoolSculpting and ZWave technology by following this link.

How do I trim unwanted fat with CoolSculpting in Kansas City?

Our CoolSculpting clients come to AesthetiCare for our personal, professional care. Our CoolSculpting appointments are designed to be relaxing, meaning we encourage our clients to read a book, watch TV, browse their phone, or even take a nap. As a noninvasive treatment, CoolSculpting allows you to attend your appointment and leave immediately after to continue your daily agenda. This treatment forgoes recovery time and the other negative effects that other invasive fat reducing treatments have.

Trim unwanted fat with CoolSculpting in Kansas City at AesthetiCare Medical Spa by scheduling your appointment today!

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