You’re Invited! Studio AC’s End of Summer Party

AesthetiCare is going back in time!

Join us as we journey to an era where bell-bottom jeans are all the rage, the go-to CPR jam “Stayin’ Alive” is the most popular song on the radio and the King of Rock & Roll is still in the building.

Yep, that’s right, the era we have landed in is indeed … The ’70s!

Slip on your blue suede shoes and get ready to get your groove on because Studio AC is hosting a disco-themed party to celebrate the end of summer, and you’re invited!

But wait! Not only is AesthetiCare hosting an in-person party, but we’re also having a savings party! So, whether you party with us in person or online, you can still boogie down!

Both the in-person and savings party details are listed below:

Liberty’s in-person disco event: Wednesday, September 28 | 3:30-7:30 p.m.

Leawood’s in-person disco event: Thursday, September 29 | 3:30-7:30 p.m.

Up to 20% off EVERYTHING online and in store: Monday, September 26 – Saturday, October 1

Keep reading to learn more about the live demos, med spa specials, shopping, food and more that you’ll encounter when you attend AesthetiCare’s 21st Annual End of Summer Party!

Seven Reasons to Join AesthetiCare’s End of Summer Party

Now, there are several reasons why you should attend AesthetiCare’s epic End of Summer party:

  1. This party has been going on for 20 years, so we must be doing something right!
  2. There’s going to be something for everyone to enjoy between med spa deals, shopping, entertainment and more.
  3. You can never go wrong with a disco theme.

The benefits you’ll reap from attending AesthetiCare’s End of Summer party go way beyond money-saving beauty tips, good food and med spa deals. It’s an entire experience!

How about seven more reasons? Without further ado …

Reason #1: Savings

Have you ever walked past a store that was offering 20% off everything? Of course not! You run into the store, am I right?

And the best part? The money you put down on your account, not only saves you 20% but your money doesn’t expire!

Invest in your skin with medical spa services where almost everything is 20% off, except for a short list of the following treatments that are 15% off.

The great thing about this promotion is you can purchase products and treatments at the party, in store, all week over the phone or even via our online store – just purchase a dollar amount to preload in your account! If you’re the kind of person who likes to plan out their yearly aesthetics by treatment, you can use our online calculator tool all week to help you estimate your services and savings!

It’s important to note that if you do choose to plan treatments, you are not locked in – the selected treatment can simply serve as a placeholder. This goes for products and treatments alike!

Say hello to CoolSculpting savings and dermal filler deals galore!

You can even buy credit at 20% and send it to a friend! Call it an early Christmas gift.

Reason #2: Giveaways

We’re also awarding over $25,000 in giveaways and prizes!

Giveaways will take place both in person and online.

For the in-person giveaways, you can accumulate tickets to be entered (like a raffle) simply by:

  • Attending one or both of the in-person parties
  • Watching a live demo spotlighting one of our amazing cosmetic treatments
  • Donating to a charity – Rose Brooks in Leawood and Community Linc in Liberty
  • Putting money down on your AC account (snag our 20% savings and score an extra ticket!)

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for your chance to win online! There will be a daily giveaway, too, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

Reason #3: Hang Out With AesthetiCare Friends

If saving on beauty products isn’t enough incentive to join our in-person End of Summer party, then hanging out with AesthetiCare providers and staff decked out in disco gear should do the trick!

We host an annual End of Summer party for many reasons, including savings, the opportunity to educate the public on our treatments and products and also to get to know our clients and for our clients to get to know us.

Our End of Summer party is an opportunity for our staff and providers to just have fun, dress up in far-out attire and basically spoil you – our clients – in a relaxed and groovy setting.

Reason #4: Food and Entertainment

You can’t have a party without good food and entertainment!

Margaritas and Betty Rae’s will be at both in-person parties for all your hydration and hunger needs. Both are delicious, so come hungry!

As this party is thoroughly disco-themed, we needed an entertainer who can produce outta-sight boogie tunes, which is why Drew Six – who we have now dubbed “Disco Drew” – will be doing a combination of live music and DJing throughout the evening.

Getting your groove on will be a slice, especially with Disco Drew at the helm. We can’t wait to see your moves!

Reason #5: Vendors

I mentioned earlier that there would be plenty of shopping at the in-person party, and I wasn’t kidding. In addition to med spa specials, CoolSculpting savings and dermal fillers deals, a variety of different vendors will be in attendance. The vendors will vary for each location.

At the Leawood in-person End of Summer party, look for the following vendors:

The Liberty in-person End of Summer party will have the following vendors:

You can enjoy a wide variety of shopping from clothes and jewelry to shoes and sunglasses – and it’s all in one place!

Reason #6: Give Back to Local Charities

At AesthetiCare, we love to give back to the Kansas City community, which is why we will have charity organizations sprinkled in amid the shopping and med spa deals.

Donations are accepted in person and online; the charity organizations for each location are below:

Leawood in-person party: Rose Brooks

Liberty in-person party: Community Linc

The Rose Brooks Center is all about saving lives and ensuring that families have the resources and necessities to survive, while Community Linc strives to end homelessness in Kansas City.

Reason #7: Live Demos

As if local vendors, disco-inspired backdrops, food trucks and live music weren’t enough to make AesthetiCare’s 21st Annual End of Summer party a smash, then our live demos will!

That’s right! In addition to our med spa deals, you can get an actual look at our medical spa services via live demos to determine if a cosmetic treatment is right for you.

We will have live demos at both in-person parties and virtual demos for our friends that can’t physically join us.

At our Leawood location, you can expect to see these demos:

Our Liberty location will demonstrate these procedures:

Are You Going To Get Groovy With Us?!

We hope we’ve made a compelling case for you to join our 21st Annual End of Summer Disco party, because it really will be an outta-sight event in Kansas City.

Live demos, impressive giveaways and a host of exciting vendors hopefully get your blood pumping.

Keep in mind that you can invest in your skin at a discount of 20% off nearly everything for a full week, Monday, September 26 – Saturday, October 1.

We really hope to see you at our groovy End of Summer event, where there will be fun, education and let’s not forget about those savings!

Grab your platform shoes, throw some glitter strands in your hair and break out the bell-bottom jeans. We can’t wait to get groovy with you!

RSVP to join us!

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