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All Things Botox by Judy

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Written by: AesthetiCare’s Judy Ribbey, RN, CLT, CANS

All Things Botox by Judy

How the heck did they find out that Botulism could be safe and get rid of lines and wrinkles??  I know the majority of the population would like to know.  Botulism was discovered years ago when a group of German people were eating blood sausages and many of them died.  The doctor investigating the occurrence, Dr. Justinus Kerner isolated the toxin and named it Wurstgift (German for sausage poison).  He went so far as to inject himself with some of the stuff, but luckily it didn’t kill him.  It did lead the way to finding out some of the neurological symptoms associated with the food-borne botulism.  Many studies were done on the toxin over the years.  In the 1950’s Dr. Alan Scott start injecting botulinum toxin type A into monkeys, theorizing its muscle-relaxing effects might help in the treatment of crossed eyes technically called strabismus.  Before long, botulinum toxin type A became the go-to toxin in research labs around the world.  In 1988, Allergan Pharmaceutical acquired the right to distribute Scott’s batch of botulinum toxin type A, and a year later the FDA approved botulinum toxin type A for the treatment of both strabismus and blepharospasm (spasms of the eyelid muscle).  Shortly thereafter, Allergan acquired Scott’s company and changed the drug’s name to the now, popular name “Botox”.

**Not a botox needle pictured**

Like many treatments today, Botox Cosmetic was discovered completely by accident.  A Canadian ophthalmologist, Dr. Jean Curruthers, started getting feedback from her patients saying their lines and wrinkles had gone away after being injected for their eye conditions.  She discussed this with her husband (a dermatologist) and they started trying Botox on their staff and themselves.   Dr. Curruthers and her husband did the official studies for Botox Cosmetic.  In 2002 Botox Cosmetic was approved by the FDA.

Uses of Botox

Today Botox is approved for many different treatments.

  1. Eye conditions-Blepharospasm and strabismus
  2. Cosmetic use-frown lines and crow’s feet
  3. Hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating) we also offer miraDry
  4. Muscle spasms, such as Cervical Dystonia or torticollis
  5. Chronic migraines
  6. Overactive bladder

Contraindications for Botox

So in order to receive Botox you cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding.  You cannot be on Aminoglocydes, which are a really strong antibiotic.  You should not have a history of Mythenia Gravis or Lambert Eden Syndrome.  If you have a neurological disorder you will need to discuss this with your provider.

The Botox 411

It is important to get your injections from an experienced injector.  There is a risk of getting lid ptosis if done incorrectly. We have a dedicated staff with over 200 years of aesthetics experience!

Meet Our Team

When you are injected with Botox Cosmetic for lines and wrinkles the treatment usually lasts for 3-4 months.  Your Botox will:

  1. Smooth out the frown lines between the brows.
  2. Smooth out the lines on the forehead.
  3. Soften the lines around the eyes.
  4. Soften fine lines above the lip.
  5. Soften the neck area.
  6. Botox will lift the corners of the mouth.

Once you have your Botox injected it starts working in about 5-7 days.

See Botox Before & Afters

Is Botox Painful?

If you are worried about how painful Botox is, fear no more!  Botox is a very comfortable procedure.  Tiny little injections are made with a very small needle.  There is really no down time for Botox.  (You could possibly get a small bruise.  Typically, you can easily cover it with makeup).

I can honestly tell you right now, you will LOVE Botox.  Every 3-4 months you will be back for more.  Once you do it and you see the results, you won’t want to live without it!  I also recommend you sign up to become a Brilliant Connections member for addition savings.

Come to AesthetiCare for Your Botox in Kansas City

If you are at all interested in Botox, I encourage you to Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation so we can discuss all of your options. AesthetiCare is an international training center for Botox and have trained over 1,500 clinics across North America. Plus, we offer special first time Botox pricing! We can’t wait to help you look and feel your best.

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