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Shrink Fine Lines in Leawood, Kansas

botox in kansas cityDo you have unflattering signs of aging on your face? Shrink fine lines in Leawood, Kansas at AesthetiCare Medical Spa today!

When you look in the mirror, are you discouraged by the unflattering signs of aging on your face? Do you worry about your appearance daily? There are many things in life we inevitably have to worry about as we grow older, and wrinkles should not be one of them. Toss out your expensive, ineffective wrinkle creams and pursue a wrinkle prevention method that actually works. Shrink fine lines in Leawood, Kansas at AesthetiCare Medical Spa.

How do I shrink fine lines in Leawood, Kansas?

Our clients shrink their fine lines with Botox®, an FDA-approved wrinkle prevention treatment. Botox is a neurotoxin as a purified protein that is designed to block nerve signals in the treated area. By blocking these nerve signals, your muscles will not be given the chance to contract, which results in wrinkles and fine lines. Once your muscles are blocked, your face will remain smooth in appearance. Botox can be used in a range of areas, but we find that our clients utilize it in the areas that are stressed the most during their daily facial expressions: the glabella (area between the eyebrows), forehead, and crow’s feet.

As a trusted national training center for Botox, physicians and nurses regularly attend AesthetiCare Medical Spa to learn skills with Botox. With this in mind, you can feel confident that the team will perform your fine line prevention treatment with professionalism and precision.

Learn more about Botox® at AesthetiCare Medical Spa today.

Decrease signs of aging today. Schedule an appointment for Botox® at AesthetiCare Medical Spa!

If you have questions regarding Botox and what it can do for your fine lines, do not hesitate to contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa during our hours of operation.

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